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Do the Pentagon, CIA, and Trump Want War in Korea?

Even though war has not yet broken out in Korea, one gets the distinct impression that President Trump, the Pentagon, and the CIA would not be disappointed if it did. In fact, one gets the impression that they would be absolutely elated if North Korea were to strike first, so that they could exclaim, “We’ve been attacked! We’re innocent! ...

The Bionic Mosquito Strikes Again!

The Bionic Mosquito is at again, desperately trying to reconcile his support of government-controlled borders with libertarian principles. This time, in an act of real desperation, he uses my article “Wedding Cakes Have Nothing to Do With Free Speech” (which he kindly describes as “exemplary,” for which I am most appreciative), to buttress his controlled-border position. His article, ...

Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian Solutions for Venezuela

Venezuela is in the throes of a deep political and economic crisis. The country’s democratic system has produced two successive tyrannical dictators, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. There are extreme shortages of food and other essential items. Prices are rising at a rate of around 700 percent. There are massive anti-government protests involving hundreds of thousands of people, with ...

Should the DEA Assassinate Drug Offenders?

Ever since President Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs, proponents of this massive federal program have lamented its manifest failure. If only officials would just “crack down” in the war on drugs, drug-war advocates have exclaimed over the years, we could finally win it. Alas, for more than four decades drug warriors have had to accept reality: their massive ...

The Mainstream Media’s Deference to Authority in the JFK Assassination

I just finished watching an interesting documentary film entitled The Searchers by Randolph Benson, who teaches at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. The film focuses on private researchers during the aftermath of the JFK assassination who have questioned and investigated the official narrative put out by the Warren Commission and the Washington, D.C., establishment. According to ...

Russia: Our New (and Old) Official Enemy

Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration confirms the overarching power of the national-security establishment section of the federal government and what happens when a president bucks that power. At the center of the controversy is Russia, which the Pentagon and the CIA and their assets and acolytes in the mainstream press and Washington, D.C., establishment, have deemed to be ...

No American Is Willing to Die for South Korea

Let’s engage in a thought experiment. Let’s assume that President Trump today ordered all U.S. troops in South Korea to immediately withdraw and come home, a position that I hold is the best and possibly only solution to the Korean crisis. After all, let’s not forget that the reason North Korea wants a nuclear capability is to deter or ...

The Pentagon, CIA, and NSA Are in Charge

One of the most mystifying aspects of the Donald Trump presidency has been his caving in to the U.S. national-security establishment. Among the biggest expectations that people had for Trump was that he would be the first president since John F. Kennedy to stand up to the military, the CIA, and the NSA. There were even some hopes that ...

Tax-Debate Serfdom

While serfs on the plantation debate the income-tax bill that is being proposed in Congress, it is incumbent on us libertarians to continue reminding people that there is nothing about this debate that has anything to do with the restoration of a free society in America. The bill might or might not make life on the plantation better for ...

What Good Are Domestic Military Bases?

In an excellent 2016 article in the Los Angeles Times entitled “For U.S. Foreign Policy, It’s Time to Look Again at the Founding Fathers’ Great Rule’” (which I highly recommend reading), Texas A&M Professor Elizabeth Cobbs wrote: In 2013, for the first time since the Pew organization began polling Americans on the question five decades earlier, the majority (52%) ...

America’s Bargain with the Devil

As many Americans know, the National Archives ended up releasing only about 5 percent of the CIA’s JFK-assassination-related records, notwithstanding the fact that the JFK Records Act, which is the law, required the release of all of them. The CIA claims that the release of remaining JFK assassination records would threaten “national security,” but that claim is patently ridiculous, ...

A Basic Principle About the Minimum Wage

A state-mandated minimum wage causes unemployment. It’s just a basic principle of economics. In fact, the minimum wage is why there is a chronic unemployment rate among African American teenagers of around 30-40 percent. If the minimum wage is repealed, that unemployment rate drops close to 0 percent. Employers aim to make a profit. When they ...
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