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Cuba Denuclearized in 1962. Why Continue the Embargo?

In a time in which President Trump is saying that the U.S. government will lift economic sanctions against North Korea if it “denuclearizes,” why not lift the decades-old U.S. economic embargo against Cuba? After all, Cuba “denuclearized” back in 1962. Why is the U.S. government still punishing the people of Cuba with its brutal economic embargo?

Will Trump Agree to Unify Korea Under Kim?

South Korean President Moon Jae In and the people of South Korea may come to rue the day when Moon decided to let President Trump negotiate a peace agreement with North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong Un, especially given the close relationship that now exists between Trump and Kim. That’s because in the topsy turvy world of ...

The Big Obstacle to Peace in Korea

Suppose my neighbor acquired a bazooka and stored it in his home. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t threaten me with it. I ask him, “John, why have you acquired that bazooka?” He responds, “Just in case you decide to attack me and my family. If you do, we are going to defend ourselves by firing this bazooka at ...

North Korea Poses No Nuclear Threat to the U.S., and Trump Says So

Just when you think that the Korean situation can’t get more interesting, it does. The New York Times is reporting that President Trump has now declared that North Korea is "no longer a nuclear threat" to the United States. He said that Americans can now “sleep well tonight.” That is one remarkable development, especially since North Korea has not ...

Trump Got Played in Singapore, But That’s a Good Thing

Conservatives are a fascinating lot. Throughout the Cold War, they steadfastly maintained that the Cold War was necessary because communist tyrants were hell-bent on conquering the United States and subjugating the American people. That’s in fact why the U.S. national-security establishment intervened in the Korean War and the Vietnam War and sacrificed more than 100,000 U.S. soldiers — supposedly ...

Trump’s Tariff Dictatorship

Isn’t it amazing how some mainstream pundits can easily recognize dictatorial actions of foreign leaders like North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Egypt’s Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, and the Philippines’s Rodrigo Duterte but then go blind when it comes to similar-type actions by President Trump. A good example is Trump’s unilateral imposition ...

The Bizarre Trump-Kim Summit

Overlooked in all of the hullabaloo over the summit in North Korea between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un are two bizarre things: One, the U.S. government is the root cause of the crisis that Trump is trying to resolve and, two, the fact that South Korean president Moon Jae-in is not an equal player in ...

Trump’s Perverse View of Patriotism

In an act of petty revenge against the Philadelphia Eagles, President Trump put on display the concept of patriotism that unfortunately has come to characterize America in the era of the national-security state — a concept that perverts the genuine meaning of patriotism on which America was founded and which characterized the nation throughout the 1800s. The controversy began when ...

Could a U.S. Domestic Coup Ever Be Justified?

Even though he undoubtedly doesn’t realize it, a man named Jose Cardenas, a former acting assistant administrator for Latin America at the U.S. Agency for International Development in the George W. Bush administration, has indirectly weighed in on the John Kennedy assassination. That’s because foreignpolicy.com has just published an article by him endorsing a military coup against Venezuelan ...

Pence’s Hypocritical Speech to the OAS

In a speech this week to the Organization of American States, Vice President Mike Pence issued the standard, obligatory denunciation of the communist regime in Cuba, which the U.S. national-security establishment (i.e., the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA) have targeted for regime change ever since the Cuban revolution in 1959. Pence stated: In Cuba, the Castro name has begun ...

Why the Silence from Libertarian Immigration Controllers?

Let’s recap some of the recent events in the federal government’s decades-long war on illegal immigrants, a war that is part and parcel of a system of immigration controls, which a small segment of conservative-oriented libertarians have supported in the past. A couple of months ago, a team of well-armed ICE agents raided a privately owned slaughterhouse in Tennessee. According ...

The Emergency Destruction of American Liberty

Emergencies are the time-honored method by which people lose their freedom. That’s because public officials use emergencies as a way to acquire totalitarian powers, under the rationale that they need such powers to keep people “safe.” Of course, officials usually make it clear that the totalitarian powers will only be “temporary.” As soon as the emergency is over, they ...
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