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Reliving the Cold War

Ten more days until our conference “The National Security State and JFK.” June 3 at the Washington Dulles Marriott Hotel, which is located in northern Virginia (not D.C.). The hotel is about 3 minutes from the airport. Saturday, June 3. One-day conference. This is one of the best programs we have ever put together here at FFF. If ...

Lying DEA Officials Get a Pass (Just Like Clapper)

Why is there one set of criminal laws for the private sector and another set for U.S. officials? The inspectors general for the State Department and the Justice Department have released a report that states that DEA officials lied to Congress about an episode in Honduras in which DEA agents killed innocent people. According to the report, the DEA falsely ...

A Question for Every Parent: Is U.S. Foreign Interventionism Worth It?

The latest terrorist attack in England, which has killed or injured dozens of teenagers, raises a question for every British, French, and American parent: Is continued interventionism in the Middle East and Afghanistan worth it? In 1996 Leslie Stahl of CBS’s 60 Minutes, asked that question of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Madeleine Albright. We have heard that half a million ...

Why Is the CIA Spying on China?

In its May 20 edition, the New York Times reported that between 2010 and 2012, China executed at least a dozen spies for the CIA. The report, which was based on information received from unnamed U.S. officials, stated that one spy was executed in the courtyard of a government building to serve as a warning to others who might ...

Would a Coup Be Constitutional?

Amidst increasing talk of a “soft coup” against President Trump, in the nature of an impeachment, the question that naturally arises is: If an impeachment were to fail, would it be constitutional for the Pentagon and the CIA to oust Trump from office and either assume power temporarily in a “transition to democracy” or simply elevate Vice-President Pence to ...

Mexican Journalistic Idiocy on the Drug War

Mexican journalists are protesting the recent drug-gang killing of Mexican award-winning journalist Javier Valdez, who spent his career investigating and reporting on drug cartels. The protesting journalists want the Mexican government to crack down and bring the killers to justice. With all due respect, that’s just journalistic idiocy. What do these journalists think the Mexican government has been doing for ...

The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades

Just consider the accusations that have been leveled at the president: He has betrayed the Constitution, which he swore to uphold. He has committed treason by befriending Russia and other enemies of America. He has subjugated America’s interests to Moscow. He has been caught in fantastic lies to the American people, including personal ones, like his previous marriage and ...

The Conservative Think Tank Healthcare Racket

Kudos to John Stossel for his recent syndicated column entitled “An Improved Health Bill,” in which he makes the following two recommendations, among others: Abolish Medicare and Abolish Medicaid. That’s amazing. I think it’s the first time in my lifetime that I can recall that the mainstream media has published a call for repealing (i.e., not reforming) these two ...

The Secret Service’s Obstruction of Justice in the JFK Case

All the hoopla over President Trump’s “obstruction of justice” over his firing of former FBI Director James Comey Jr. reminds me of the Secret Service’s obstruction of justice relating to the JFK assassination, which, for some reason, failed to produce even a murmur of objection from the mainstream media. The reason I put “obstruction of justice” in Trump’s case in ...

The Buttinski Should Butt Out of Korea

Korea is none of the U.S. government’s business. The only proper course of action is for the Pentagon and the CIA to exit the country and bring those 23,000 American soldiers stationed in Korea home. No negotiations. No agreements. No talks. Just butt out of what is none of your business and exit the scene by coming home. Why are ...

The Anti-Russia Brouhaha

There is so much I just don’t get about the anti-Russia brouhaha that has the Washington establishment, the mainstream press, the leftist movement, and even some conservatives all roiled up. To me it looks like one giant political carnival that serves no other purpose than to give these people something new to get all upset about. Yesterday, I received an ...

On JFK and Conspiracy Theories

JFKfacts.org links to a 12-minute video commentary called “Conspiracy’s Grip,” which focuses on various conspiracies and conspiracy theories, including the JFK assassination. Among the people who are featured in the commentary is Jefferson Morley, a former reporter for the Washington Post who runs the JFK Facts website and who will be one of the speakers at our upcoming ...
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