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Cancel Culture’s War on Free Speech

“Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.” — George Carlin Cancel culture—political correctness amped up on steroids, the self-righteousness of a narcissistic age, and a mass-marketed pseudo-morality that is little more than fascism disguised as tolerance—has shifted us into an Age of Intolerance, policed by techno-censors, social media bullies, and government watchdogs. Everything is now fair game for censorship if ...

A Great Opportunity to Restore the Republic

With the debacle in Afghanistan, the American people have been presented with one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime — an opportunity to dismantle the national-security establishment and restore our founding system of a limited-government republic. Opportunities like this do not often present themselves. Now is time to seize the day, before the national-security establishment is able to ...

Dear Conservatives: It’s Time to Separate School and State

For decades, so-called “progressives” and other leftists have claimed that elected local school boards give parents control over education. Everyone knows it's a lie, but few have had the courage to speak up. Still, the delusion persists. On the day after Christmas, Nikole Hannah-Jones, of the New York Times' fact-deficient 1619 Project, let the mask drop completely. “I don't really ...