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FFF Articles consists of every article that has ever been published by The Future of Freedom Foundation in reverse chronological order from our inception in 1989 to date. You can also search for FFF articles on the right side of the page under Find Freedom on FFF.

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Capitalism and the Free Society, Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 The free enterprise, or capitalist, system has done more to improve the material condition of humanity than any other economic arrangement of human cooperation in all of recorded history. Yet, “capitalism” constantly stands condemned and accused of being the cause of humanity’s wows, while in reality nothing is further from the truth. In ... [click for more]

Sarah Grimké and Angelina Grimké Weld: Abolitionists and Feminists

The American women’s rights movement was born in the bosom of the abolitionist movement. The 19th-century abolitionists and feminists Sarah (1792–1873) and Angelina Grimké (1805–1879) were the first female agents of the American Anti-Slavery Society, as well as pioneers of the American women’s rights movement. Their arguments for women’s rights anticipated many of John Stuart Mill’s arguments in The ... [click for more]

What Is the Optimal Top Marginal Income Tax Rate?

It’s not just American bureaucracies that are headquartered in Washington, D.C. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), with its staff of approximately 2,700, has been headquartered in Washington, D.C., since its inception in 1945. The IMF “is an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and ... [click for more]

Free the Fire Stations!

Many boys, at one time or another when they are growing up, become enamored with firetrucks after taking a school field trip to their local fire station. Some of them will then insist that they want to be firemen when then grow up. They want such an occupation because of the excitement and the adventure they envision — and, ... [click for more]

Gun Control Is a Losing Issue for Democrats – And They Know It

The high water mark for gun control in the United States was the so-called, but misnamed, “Assault Weapon Ban,” which was passed through Congress and signed into law by President Clinton in 1994. A CNN/USA/Gallup poll the year before found that 77 percent of Americans supported the ban. The law didn't ban “assault weapons,” but merely the importation of certain ... [click for more]

Capitalism and the Free Society, Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 One of the leading ideological punching bags for well over one hundred years has been the ideas, institutions, and impact of “capitalism” on society. Think of something someone does not like in the world and the guilty party causing it is almost always the same – “capitalism.” But what is capitalism, and ... [click for more]

The National Security-State and JFK, Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 In 1954 the CIA published a top-secret classified document titled “A Study of Assassination.” The document confirms that within seven years of the CIA’s founding in 1947, the agency was specializing in the art of assassination. There are various fascinating aspects of the study. One is that the ... [click for more]

Concealed Carry on the March

What a difference a generation can make. In 1987 crime in the United States was out of control. That same year Gallup asked Americans if they would support a ban on handguns, and a worrying forty-two percent answered “yes.” While almost half the country wanted to ban handguns, nine states were trying something different. “Shall issue” concealed-carry laws were passed, ... [click for more]

If Political Candidates Advocated Liberty

In modern democracies, political cycles never end. As soon as one election is over, those in government office or aspiring to such an office are already running for the next election. Having recently attended a public forum of state-level candidates looking to the 2018 election, I wondered what a real friend of freedom might say if he was offering ... [click for more]
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