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John Lennon Was Right

Militant nonviolent resistance works. Peaceful, prolonged protests work. Mass movements with huge numbers of participants work. Yes, America, it is possible to use occupations and civil disobedience ...

What Went Wrong in Charlottesville

“In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem.”—Ronald Reagan Corruption. Graft. Intolerance. Greed. Incompetence. Ineptitude. Militarism. Lawlessness. ...

Time to Shut It Down

According to Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 of the Constitution, “No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations ...

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The Bionic Mosquito Strikes Again!

by The Bionic Mosquito is at again, desperately trying to reconcile his support of government-controlled borders with libertarian principles. This time, in an act of real desperation, he uses my article “Wedding Cakes Have Nothing to Do With Free Speech” (which he kindly describes as “exemplary,” for which I am most appreciative), to buttress his controlled-border position. His article, “Borders and Property,” appears

Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian Solutions for Venezuela

by Venezuela is in the throes of a deep political and economic crisis. The country’s democratic system has produced two successive tyrannical dictators, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. There are extreme shortages of food and other essential items. Prices are rising at a rate of around 700 percent. There are massive anti-government protests involving hundreds of thousands of people, with the government killing some of ...

Should the DEA Assassinate Drug Offenders?

by Ever since President Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs, proponents of this massive federal program have lamented its manifest failure. If only officials would just “crack down” in the war on drugs, drug-war advocates have exclaimed over the years, we could finally win it. Alas, for more than four decades drug warriors have had to accept reality: their massive federal program has failed. It’s ...

The Mainstream Media’s Deference to Authority in the JFK Assassination

by I just finished watching an interesting documentary film entitled The Searchers by Randolph Benson, who teaches at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. The film focuses on private researchers during the aftermath of the JFK assassination who have questioned and investigated the official narrative put out by the Warren Commission and the Washington, D.C., establishment. According to an interview of Benson, his ...

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The Libertarian Angle: End the Fed

FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling challenge the orthodoxy that the government must manage the money ...

The Libertarian Angle: End the Fed

FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling challenge the orthodoxy that the government must manage the money ...

The Trouble with Aid

Claudia R. Williamson is a post-doctoral fellow at the Development Research Institute of New York University. Her ...

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