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Alfred the Great Saved England

During the violent centuries of the Anglo-Saxon invasion and transformation of England (400-600AD), the invaders brought their customs, political institutions, property, and way of ...

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The Conservative Creed

by We, the conservatives of America, hold that government should just leave us alone … and (1) Should enforce school-compulsory attendance laws that force us to send our children to state-approved schools; and (2) Should force us through income taxation, Social Security, Medicare, farm subsidies, and other mandatory charity programs to help seniors, the poor, and others, and (3) Should incarcerate and fine us for ingesting non-approved substances; ...

Much Ado about Nothing on Mueller’s Indictment

by I confess deep amusement at the enormous reaction of the U.S mainstream press to the 37-page federal grand-jury indictment that special prosecutor (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller has secured against 13 Russians and three companies or, as the mainstream media puts it, against “Russia.” Why am I so amused? One reason is how reporters and editorial boards of the mainstream press are treating the indictment ...

Massacres, Here and Abroad

by With mass shootings come calls for gun control. It’s become a predictable response. Never mind that there was gun control at the site of the latest massacre at that public school in Florida. It’s against the law to carry an AR-15 onto public schools in Florida. That’s a gun-control measure. Its aim is to prevent killings at public schools. At the risk of belaboring the ...

Why Do Anti-Immigrants Favor Protectionism?

by Okay, I get it: President Trump and his acolytes favor immigration controls because they don’t want people from s***hole countries coming into the United States. What doesn’t makes any sense is why they also favor tariffs, sanctions, embargoes, and other trade restrictions against those s***h countries. After all, by increasing economic misery in those countries, such measures only encourage more people from those countries ...

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The Libertarian Angle: Freedom Frauds

Is government really providing liberty? Do politicians protect our freedom? FFF president Jacob Hornberger, Richard Ebeling, and ...

The Libertarian Angle: Freedom Frauds

Is government really providing liberty? Do politicians protect our freedom? FFF president Jacob Hornberger, Richard Ebeling, and ...

The Trouble with Aid

Claudia R. Williamson is a post-doctoral fellow at the Development Research Institute of New York University. Her ...

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