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America’s Immigration Police State: Roving Border Patrol Checkpoints

America’s socialist system of immigration controls does not simply come with a “Do Not Enter Sign.” It comes with fierce enforcement measures. In fact, it comes with so much enforcement that people living in the borderlands have, over the decades of increasing immigration-law enforcement, come to live in what can only be called an immigration police state. To belabor the obvious, a police ...

Why I’m Not a Libertarian Reformer

There have long been two camps in the libertarian movement: the reform camp and the liberty camp.  The libertarian reform camp aims at improving the welfare-warfare state system under which we live. Libertarian reform plans include such things as immigration reform, Social Security “privatization,” health-savings accounts, welfare reform, school vouchers, income-tax reform, legalization of only marijuana, reining in the CIA, the FBI, ...

America’s Immigration Police State: Warrantless Trespasses, Searches, and Seizures

In yesterday’s blog post, I addressed one aspect of the immigration police state that is part of the enforcement of America’s socialist system of immigration controls — domestic highway checkpoints. I pointed out that such police-state checkpoints are a central feature of communist and totalitarian regimes. Another part of America’s immigration police state is warrantless trespasses and searches of farms and ...

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