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A Catastrophic Misconception and Omission

“Legalizing pot is a catastrophic mistake,” says self-proclaimed marijuana expert Kevin Sabet in an opinion piece in Newsweek. The fact that thirty-three states have legalized the medical use of marijuana and eleven states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, all without catastrophic results, says otherwise. The only thing catastrophic is the misconception and omission in Sabet’s article. Sabet ...

Biden’s “Passion and Purpose” is More Political Paternalism

Political election years are viewed in democracies as momentous events in the country’s history. Through ballots rather than bullets are chosen those who will hold political office, and through them the implementation and enforcement of the laws of the land and a variety of government policies considered to be in the “common good” or the “general welfare.” In other ...

How to Tell RINOs From Elephants

Conservatives frequently dub Republican politicians they deem insufficiently committed to “free enterprise, private property, and limited government” Republicans in Name Only, or RINOs. But are they really phony Republicans? “The Republican Party was always, from its inception, the party of big government in America,” Thomas DiLorenzo observed in his book Lincoln Unmasked. As the successor to the Whig Party, the ...