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The Conquest of the United States by Cuba

One of the ironies of the U.S. national-security state’s never-ending efforts to effect regime change in Cuba is that the United States ended up adopting and embracing many of the dark-side policies and practices of what one might expect a communist regime to engage in. After the conversion of the U.S. government to a national-security state after World War ...

FDR Destroyed the Truth about Gold

On April 5, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt issued a decree that made it illegal for Americans to own gold. Any American caught owning gold after that date would be hit with a federal felony prosecution and face a penalty of up to five to ten years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Roosevelt’s decree, which was memorialized as Executive ...

Don’t Be Surprised to See Trump Bomb North Korea

After the in-your-face Fourth of July “gift” that North Korea delivered to President Trump in the form of an intercontinental ballistic missile test, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see President Trump and the Pentagon retaliate by bombing North Korea. The reason goes not only to Trump’s erratic behavior, especially when teased or taunted, but also ...

Murder with Impunity in Russia … and the U.S.

Last Friday, the Washington Post published an excellent editorial about murder and the rule of law. The editorial described how Russian prosecutors secured convictions of five men for murdering Boris Nemtsov, a popular critic of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but criticized Russian officials for failing to pursue the people who ordered the killings. The editorial, ...

The Irrationality of American Socialists

It is absolutely amazing to me how any American can still be wedded to socialism. Everywhere you look, socialism has produced misery, suffering, poverty, chaos, crisis, conflict, tyranny, and violence. Yet, there they are: Americans socialists going gaga over self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, wishing that he had been elected president, and exclaiming that he would have saved America with his ...

Military Spouses: Lead Us Out of the Quagmire!

For the life of me, I just can’t figure out why the American people do not rise up en masse against the forever wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan in which the United States has been embroiled for more than 15 years. After all, by now everyone must surely realize, despite the superficial rhetoric to the contrary, that U.S. ...

Supreme Court Upholds the Right of Churches to Steal

On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court held that churches have the right to steal from people to get the money to fund their activities. No, the Court didn’t use the word “stealing” but that is the import of its ruling in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, a case in which the Court held that states cannot discriminate against churches ...


One of the most fascinating aspects of living under imperialism is the lexicon that this philosophy brings into existence. It’s called Empire-Speak. Given the complexity of this specialized language, it usually takes people years of education and training to master it. One of the finest examples of Empire-Speak appeared last week in a Washington Post op-ed by Post columnist Charles ...

Donald Trump: Cold War Anachronism

Perhaps President Trump thinks that by further destroying the freedom of the American people to travel and spend money in Cuba, he can ingratiate himself with the national-security establishment in the hopes they will lay off him with their Russia meddling investigation. Regardless, Trump’s actions are not only a classic throwback to the old Cold War, when the Pentagon ...

Tyranny at Home to Fight Tyranny Abroad

President Trump has reminded us of how the U.S. government destroyed the liberty of the American people in the name of fighting tyranny abroad. Exercising the same dictatorial method that his predecessors have employed — executive decrees — he has made it illegal again for most Americans to travel to Cuba and spend money there. Trump’s justification? The communist regime ...

Conservatives Hate the Truth About the Troops

After the publication of my article “Thank You for Your Killing,” I received a vituperative twitter attack by a self-labeled conservative woman, who called me an “idiot,” said I was “NO AMERICAN” (her caps), called me a “liberal,” said I don’t “deserve to live in the USA,” and accused me “dishonoring” the troops. That conservative’s attack on me is ...

They Made Us Reds to Fight the Reds

At the end of World War II, U.S. officials told the American people that despite the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, America could not rest. That was because, they said, the United States now faced a new official enemy, one, they said, was arguably a bigger threat to Americans than Nazi Germany was. That new official enemy was the ...
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