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Moral Blindness among the Statists

A new controversy stirred up by President Trump has propelled the moral blindness of liberals, conservatives, and the mainstream press into the forefront of American political discussion. Trump’s latest controversy involved a response he gave in an interview with Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly, as follows: O’Reilly: Do you respect Putin? Trump: I do respect him. O’Reilly: Do you? Why? Trump: Well, ...

Yemen and at the Bay of Pigs

NBC News is reporting that contrary to what U.S. officials have been maintaining, the goal of the recent U.S. military attack in Yemen was not to capture computers but rather to kill or capture a man named Qassim al-Rimi, the head of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who U.S. officials say is the third most dangerous terrorist in ...

Trump’s Dictatorial Tendencies Are Normal in a Welfare-Warfare State

President Trump has lashed out in anger against a federal judge in Seattle for putting a temporary quietus on Trump’s recent immigration dictates. Trump labeled Judge James Robart  a “so-called judge,” notwithstanding the fact that this “so-called judge” has been a federal judge for 13 years, having been nominated by President George W. Bush, confirmed by Congress, and duly ...

Fallacies of the Anti-Islam Crowd

Ever since the 9/11 attacks, there has been a fringe element in American society that has claimed that the attacks were part of a centuries-old religious war between Islam and Christianity. They’ve claimed that Muslims constitute a grave threat against everyone in the United States and the Western world because Muslims are supposedly determined to establish a world-wide caliphate, ...

Trump’s Other Expensive Socialist Plan

Unfortunately, the Trump Wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, which is estimated to cost around $15 billion but undoubtedly will end up being much higher, is not the only socialist project that President Trump is devoted to. There is also his massive $1 trillion infrastructure public works project, which, not surprisingly, is garnering the support of both conservatives and liberals. ...

Iraqi Refugees and Quislings

During this past weekend’s immigration-ban chaos, the stories of two immigrant refugees, Hameed Khalid Darweesh and Fuad Shareef, struck me. Both of them were from Iraq and both of them were fleeing to the United States in fear of their lives if forced to return to Iraq. According to the New York Times, “After the American invasion of Iraq in ...

Four More Years of Bush-Obama, and Maybe Worse

The verdict is in. After 16 years of death and destruction in the Middle East and Afghanistan at the hands of the U.S. national-security establishment, America is now facing four more years of the same. How do we know this? Because President Trump has now clearly signaled that he intends to travel the Bush-Obama road. First of all, there is the ...

Trump’s Immigration Chaos

Ever since I established The Future of Freedom Foundation 27 years ago, I have argued that the perpetual, ongoing immigration crisis in America is rooted in federal immigration controls. That’s because immigration controls are a form of central planning, which is a variation of socialism. As any citizen in the Soviet Union can tell you, central planning inevitably produces ...

Trump’s Wall Protectionism

President Trump has now come up with a plan to make Mexico pay for his much-ballyhooed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. One big problem, however, is that his plan doesn’t make Mexico pay for the wall. Instead, it makes Americans pay for his wall. Trump’s proposal is to impose a 20 percent tariff on goods imported from Mexico. In Trump’s ...

The Wall of a Dictator

Yesterday President Donald Trump ordered the construction of his much ballyhooed wall along the U.S-Mexico border to begin. Obviously Trump doesn’t see any need to go to Congress to seek approval for his gigantic, socialist, public-works, multibillion-dollar edifice. He’s the president. He can issue “executive orders.” He can do whatever he wants. Who needs congressional approval? Anyway, ...

Copying the Communists

The biggest mistake the American people ever made was the conversion of the federal government from a constitutionally limited republic to a national-security state, a type of governmental apparatus that characterizes totalitarian regimes. A national-security state consists of a large, permanent military establishment and a secretive “intelligence” agency with omnipotent powers and whose purported mission is to ...

Perpetual Drug War Deja Vu

The Justice Department is ecstatic that it finally secured the extradition from Mexico of notorious drug lord Joaquin Guzman Loera, also known as El Chapo. Arraigned in New York City, El Chapo is being charged with running a multibillion dollar drug enterprise, which allegedly included the murder of countless people. Not surprisingly, the mainstream press gave ...
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