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The Life of the Lie on Veterans Day

It should surprise no one that the life of the lie that so many Americans continue to live was manifested in all its glory last Friday, on Veterans Day. Here is just one example, from an editorial in the Gainesville Sun: … our nation must always appreciate those who stood ready and honorably to give their lives in defense of ...

The JFK Autopsy Cover-Up

A classic example of the obtuseness of the U.S. mainstream press regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy occurred recently on television station KARE in Minneapolis-St. Paul, when the station’s reporter, Chris Hrapsky, was interviewing federal Judge John Tunheim, who served as chairman of the Assassination Records Review Board, the agency that Congress established ...

South Korea Should “Brexit” the United States

With President Trump being accompanied by three U.S. carrier groups during his trip to Korea, South Koreans should pull a “Brexit” on the United States. As I counseled last April and August in two separate articles, South Korea should dissolve their alliance with the United States and kick all U.S. troops out of the country. (See “South Korea ...

Martin Luther King and Lee Harvey Oswald

The mainstream media and the acolytes of the U.S. national-security establishment continue to emphasize that there are no “smoking guns” in the tiny (2 percent) of the 50-year-old JFK records that President Trump, the National Archives, and the CIA have recently permitted the American people to see. Of course, these people define “smoking gun” as a videotaped confession or a ...

The National Archives: Lawbreaker and Cover-Upper

On October 26, 2017, the National Archives, an independent federal agency that is headed by a man named David Ferriero, became a federal lawbreaker. The reason? On that date, the National Archives became legally obligated to release to the public all of the CIA’s and other federal agencies’ files relating to the JFK assassination in its possession. On that date, the ...

The Cunningness of the CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up

Whatever else might be said about the assassination of President Kennedy, one thing is for sure: The cover-up of this particular U.S. regime-change operation was one of the most ingenious and cunning plots ever designed. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, given that practically from its inception in 1947 the CIA was specializing in the arts of assassination, regime change, and ...

Oliver Stone Was Right about the CIA

I can’t decide which is more amusing: the CIA’s use of “national security” to justify keeping secret its 50-year-old records in the JFK assassination or the mainstream media’s response to the continued secrecy. On the one hand, the CIA’s use of “national security” to justify keeping 98 percent of the still-secret records is palpably laughable. However one defines that nebulous ...

The JFK Cover-Up Continues

While the mainstream media was announcing for the past two weeks that President Trump was going to release the CIA’s long-secret records on the JFK assassination, I took a different position. On Monday of this week, I predicted that Trump would make a deal with the CIA that would enable the CIA to continue its cover-up of the JFK ...

The Free Market Levels the Playing Field

One of the favorite pastimes of leftists/progressives/liberals is lamenting the fact that some people have more while others have less. They say that life is just unfair in this respect. They want the government to “level the playing field” by using taxation to take money from those who have more and giving it to those who have less. Their ...

No “Smoking Guns” in the JFK Records?

Most of the mainstream media continues telling their readers not to expect any “smoking guns” in the JFK records that are supposed to be released tomorrow. That’s assuming, of course, that President Trump doesn’t change his mind at the last minute and grant the CIA’s request for continued secrecy. I stand by the prediction I made earlier this week. ...

Circumstantial Evidence in the JFK Assassination

Having recently discovered this Thursday’s legal deadline for the National Archives’s mandated release of JFK assassination records that the CIA, FBI, and other agencies have succeeded in keeping secret for more than 50 years, the mainstream media is repeatedly emphasizing that the records will contain no “smoking guns.” Well, duh! As I stated in my article yesterday, “I Predict ...

I Predict Trump Will Continue the CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up

Last Friday, President Trump made the following announcement: I have decided not to block release of the CIA’s remaining JFK-assassination related records except for those records that directly implicate the CIA in the assassination, which will continue to remain secret.” Okay, he didn’t really put it like that. But that’s the potential and likely import of his announcement, which actually read ...
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