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Sanctions Are an Act of War

If the Pentagon suddenly bombed North Korea, killing thousands of North Korean citizens, that would clearly be considered an act of war. Yet, when the U.S. government intentionally targets North Korea with economic sanctions that kill thousands of North Koreans through starvation or illness, that’s considered to be simply a peaceful diplomatic measure. That’s odd because from a practical ...

Liberal Hypocrisy on DACA

The left is up in arms in anger, indignation, and outrage over President Trump’s decision to cancel the DACA immigration program established by President Obama, which protects young immigrants who were brought by their parents to the United States illegally as children from being forcibly deported to their country of citizenship. In the process, liberals are missing an important ...

Trump’s Pearl Harbor Strategy for War in Korea

By proposing a total oil embargo on North Korea, President Trump is taking a page out of former President Franklin Roosevelt’s war playbook as a way to get a war going with the communist regime. Roosevelt used the same strategy against Japan to successfully get the United States embroiled in World War II. As war clouds loomed in Europe during ...

Interventionism and the Korean Crisis

If war ends up breaking out in Korea, President Trump, the Pentagon, and the CIA will be announcing that it was all North Korea fault. They’ll say that North Korea was “begging for war,” and that the United States was “forced” to act to protect “national security.” Of course, in the process they will be ignoring the interventionist sanctions ...

Hurricane Harvey: Charity vs. Welfare

The leftist shibboleth that undergirds America as a welfare state is that Americans, if left to their own choices, would never voluntarily help out others to a sufficient degree. Given such, it is necessary, liberals say, for the state to enter the picture and force Americans to do their moral duty. That’s what Social Security is all about — forcing ...

It’s War on Price-Gougers Season

If it’s hurricane time, it’s also time for the war on price gougers. Hurricane Harvey is certainly no exception. When a Best Buy in Houston began selling 24-packs of Dasani water for $42.96 and 12-packs of Smartwater for $29.98, the masses went ballistic, as did Texas officials. According to Grit Post, Houstonian John McGovern, who provided Grid Post with ...

Only One Way to End Drug-War Violence

Two police officers in Kissimmee, Florida, were recently shot and killed while investigating illegal drug activity in a dangerous part of town. According to the New York Times, government officials praised the officers for their service and asked Floridians to pray for other law-enforcement personnel. President Trump weighed in with a tweet in which he offered his thoughts ...

The Illegality of Trump’s Afghanistan War

When President Trump attributed his flip-flop on Afghanistan to his team of military generals , who informed him that a withdrawal from America’s 16-year war would leave a “haven” for terrorists, I couldn’t help but think of former presidential candidate George Romney during the Vietnam War. After opposing the war, Romney traveled to Vietnam and returned with the same ...

Unlike Trump, JFK Didn’t Bend the Knee

NOTE: I’ll be speaking at the Ron Paul Institute’s Peace and Prosperity 2017 Conference. Saturday, September 9, from 9:30 am to 3:00 p.m., Washington Dulles Airport Marriott. Last year’s conference was a sell-out and this year’s conference promises to be even better. Only $75. I hope you’ll join us for a timely and very important conference. Register here. Like ...

Four More Years of Bush-Obama

NOTE: I'll be speaking at the Ron Paul Institute's Peace and Prosperity 2017 Conference. Saturday, September 9, from 9:30 am to 3:00 p.m., Washington Dulles Airport Marriott. Last year's conference was a sell-out and this year's conference promises to be even better. Only $75. I hope you'll join us for a timely and very important conference. Register here. Mark my ...

More Foreign-Policy Blowback in Spain

Last week, 13 more people died in Spain as a consequence of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and Afghanistan. No, not by guns or suicide bombs, which is often the case in “blowback,” but instead murder by vehicle. A van driven by a terrorist succeeded in killing 13 pedestrians and injuring about 100 others. Here is an excerpt ...

South Korea Should Give U.S. Troops the Boot, Part 2

Last April, I wrote an article entitled “South Korea Should Give U.S. Troops the Boot,” in which I argued that if the South Koreans were smart, they would order all U.S. troops out of their country immediately. For those who have not read that article, I would recommend doing so because the reasoning I set forth there are ...
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