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Conservative Deference to Federal Authority

I’ve long believed that conservatives have a strange way of thinking when it comes to the federal government. Their positions on three issues — immigration, the drug war, and sanctions — buttress my point. Let’s start with immigration. Conservatives rail against the large number of immigrants illegally entering the United States. That’s why they ardently support America’s immigration ...

Immigration Socialism and Immigration Police State

There are two important principles to keep in mind with respect to America’s decades-old, ongoing, never-ending immigration crisis: 1. The crisis is caused by the immigration system itself. That is, if there was no immigration-control system, there would be no immigration crisis.  2. The immigration-control system comes with an immigration police state. That’s because people will inevitably ...

Abolish the FTC, Antitrust Laws, and Monopolies

The FTC’s current lawsuit against Amazon is a perfect example of the statist mentality that undergirds antitrust laws. Amazon is an enormously big and hugely successful business enterprise. Therefore, according to statists, it must be an anti-competitive “monopoly.” The Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department, the argument goes, need to take judicial action against Amazon to “weaken ...