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Copying the Communists

The biggest mistake the American people ever made was the conversion of the federal government from a constitutionally limited republic to a national-security state, a type of governmental apparatus that characterizes totalitarian regimes. A national-security state consists of a large, permanent military establishment and a secretive “intelligence” agency with omnipotent powers and whose purported mission is to ...

Perpetual Drug War Deja Vu

The Justice Department is ecstatic that it finally secured the extradition from Mexico of notorious drug lord Joaquin Guzman Loera, also known as El Chapo. Arraigned in New York City, El Chapo is being charged with running a multibillion dollar drug enterprise, which allegedly included the murder of countless people. Not surprisingly, the mainstream press gave ...

The La La Land of Conservatives

One of the fascinating characteristics of conservatives is how they are able to live in an alternative universe within their own minds, one that can easily be called la-la land. A good example of this phenomenon is conservative icon Max Boot, one of America’s most ardent interventionists and promoters of the U.S. national-security state’s domestic and foreign ...

Trump Will Not Make America Great Again

With today’s inauguration, supporters of Donald Trump have high hopes that he is going to “make America great again,” which was his signature slogan during his presidential campaign. Forgive me for raining on Trump’s inaugural parade but it just ain’t going to happen. Trump is not going to make America great again. He’s going to do ...

Obama’s Wasted, Deadly, and Destructive Presidency

Eight years ago, President Obama’s administration started with hope and change. Eight years later, we end up with a legacy of nothing but waste, death, and destruction. Libertarians never had any hope, of course, that Barack Obama would dismantle any aspect of the welfare state. As a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, his commitment to socialism, regulation, and ...

Abolish the Department of Education

As Democrats object to Donald Trump’s appointment of conservative billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos to head up the U.S. Department of Education, Republicans, are once again, not surprisingly, abandoning the principles of their favorite mantra—“free enterprise, private property, and limited government.” The Republicans now control both houses of Congress, right? They also now control the presidency, right? So, what’s the problem? Just ...

Shocking! Discrimination Against Obama and Trump!

There is discrimination taking place around our nation’s capital — against, of all people, both President Obama and President-elect Trump. According to the Washington Post, the Woodmont Country Club, which is a predominantly Jewish country club in Washington’s suburbs, is threatening to deny President Obama’s application for membership. No, not because he’s black but because he has not displayed a ...

Is Trump Falling into Line on Russia?

Most everyone in Washington, especially those who feed at the warfare-state trough, is overly pleased with Mad Dog Mattis, President-elect Trump’s nominee for Defense Secretary. That’s because Mattis’ testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee fell squarely within the acceptable parameters established by the U.S. national-security establishment. Russia is bad. Putin is worse. Good relations with ...

Without Guns, How Do People Resist Tyranny?

Two weeks ago, a gunman unleashed a barrage of gunfire on communist comrades in China, leaving two officials wounded and the gunman dead, after he killed himself. The shooting was an oddity because in China it is illegal for citizens to own guns. As Business Insider pointed out in an article on the shooting, “Violent crime ...

How to Reduce Violence in America

Hardly a day goes by without someone calling for gun control as the way to reduce violence in America. But the gun control advocates have it all wrong. That’s because they are attacking the symptom of the problem rather than the cause of the problem. That’s not going to do any good and, in fact, might well make the situation ...

U.S. Bombs and Anti-American Terrorism

When the next terrorist attack against Americans takes place, you can be certain that there will still be at least a few Americans, including within the Pentagon and the CIA, who will come out with their standard line about how the terrorists are motivated by their hatred for America’s freedom and values. A few others will claim that the ...

Will the CIA Retaliate Against Trump?

In a truly remarkable bit of honesty and candor regarding the U.S. national-security establishment, new Senate minority leader Charles Schumer has accused President-elect Trump of “being really dumb.” Was Schumer referring to Trump’s ideology, philosophy, or knowledge about economics or foreign policy? None of the above. According to an article in The Hill, he told Rachel Maddow on her show that ...
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