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The Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA Are in Charge

The U.S. mainstream press can easily recognize the dominant and influential role that the military plays in society, so long as they are referring to countries like Pakistan and Egypt. Unfortunately, the same reporters and commentators turn a blind eye to the similar phenomenon here in the United States. For example, the Washington Post writes: “When not in power, [Pakistan’s ...

Suicide by Politics

If a Mexican citizen wishes to commit suicide, there is an excellent way to do it: run for office on an aggressive platform of shutting down Mexican drug cartels. There is a high likelihood that that candidate’s life will be snuffed out by the drug cartels that he is committed to shutting down. 35-year-old Jose Remedios Aguirre is a recent ...

Trump Proves Mises and Hayek Right

Ludwig von Mises showed how one government intervention inevitably leads to more interventions. That’s because the original intervention produces a crisis. At that point public officials have a choice: Repeal the intervention or enact a new intervention to address the crisis. The likelihood that they will adopt the former is nil because that would entail admitting they were wrong. ...

Omnipotent Government, Not Trump, Is the Problem

Many of the people who are critics of President Trump don’t realize that they themselves are partly responsible for much of what Trump is doing. That’s because over the years they have supported the assumption of dictatorial powers by the president. In doing so, they always assumed that their favorite ideal candidate would end up being the one wielding ...

Iran: Another U.S. War of Aggression?

I am getting that Iraq deja vu feeling again, only this time with respect to Iran. You’ll recall the build-up to the U.S. war of aggression against Iraq: WMDs. Mushroom clouds. Charts and graphs. Preventive war. The anti-Iraq propaganda from U.S. officials was overwhelming, so much so that by the time U.S. officials initiated their war of aggression against Iraq, many ...

Three Other Presidents Targeted for Befriending Russia

In my article “Was Reagan a Traitor Too?,” I detailed how three U.S. presidents since World War II have been vilified and condemned for befriending Russia, America’s World War II partner and ally: John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and now Donald Trump. However, they are not the only presidents who have been targeted by the U.S. national-security state for daring ...

Was Reagan a Traitor Too?

If anyone thinks that Donald Trump is the only U.S. president ever targeted for befriending Russia, think again. As I indicated in a recent article, the deep state went after President Kennedy for doing the same thing. And yes, like Trump, they called Kennedy a traitor, an appeaser, and a coward for refusing to stand up to Russia, which ...

Conspiracy Humor and Irony in the Trump-Russia Brouhaha

New York Times: Mr. Trump raised a series of largely irrelevant conspiracy theories — none of which were directly related to the evidence of Russian hacking activity. Washington Post: And with that, yet another President Trump conspiracy theory is thoroughly repudiated by the Russia investigation. Chicago Tribune: On Monday, Trump also resurrected several debunked conspiracy theories about his opponent Hillary Clinton ...

The Deep State Went After JFK on Russia Too

It is fascinating to see both the rightwing and the leftwing excoriate President Trump for trying to establish friendly relations with Russia, especially since it’s not the first time this has happened. It also happened to President Kennedy. As the old saying goes, it’s déjà vu all over again. Like Trump, Kennedy was called a traitor, an appeaser, and a ...

Mueller’s Indictment Isn’t Worth Squat

I sure wish the mainstream media and all those critics of Donald Trump had had better civics teachers in high school. If they had, they would understand that special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment against those Russian officials for supposedly illegally meddling in America’s presidential election doesn’t mean squat. Instead, the media and the Trump critics have accepted the indictment ...

NATO Is the Model Entangling Alliance

Suppose I had an unlimited power of attorney to sign your name as a co-signer on any loan I made with the bank. Every time I went to the bank and borrowed money, I could legally obligate you to pay my loan if I defaulted. How would you like that? My hunch is that you wouldn’t be too excited about ...

The Deep State’s Absorption of Donald Trump

The dust-up over NATO confirms, once again, that President Trump, unfortunately, has been absorbed by the same deep state whose existence he sometimes laments. After questioning here in the United States the usefulness of NATO, Trump traveled to a NATO meeting in Europe, where he flipped and declared his firm commitment to this Cold War anachronism, declaring publicly, “I ...
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