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Still Dying for Nothing in Afghanistan

It wasn’t until history class in college that I heard of the Thirty Years War. My immediate reaction was: No way! It just wasn’t possible that a war could last 30 years. Nobody would be that dumb. But given that the U.S. war in Afghanistan has now been going on for 17 years, it’s now easier for me to understand ...

The Fear of Being Labeled a Conspiracy Theorist

One of the CIA’s most successful propaganda campaigns in its 70-year history has been its use of the term “conspiracy theorist” or “conspiracy theory” to disparage anyone who dares to question the official narrative of the Kennedy assassination. The campaign has worked brilliantly. Today American society is filled with people who have a deeply seated fear of being labeled ...

What Would It Take to “Win” the Drug War?

After decades of warfare, the federal drug war has become a predictable cycle. Drug dealer, drug gang, or drug user busted. DEA agents celebrate the bust. Newspaper reporters laud the DEA. Defendants prosecuted, convicted, and sent to jail. And then? Then, the cycle repeats itself. Drug dealer, drug gang, or drug user busted. DEA agents celebrate the bust. Newspaper reporters laud the ...

Will Trump Ramp Up the Korea Crisis Again?

Despite the much-ballyhooed meeting between President Trump and North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore in June, things are not going well on the denuclearization front. President Trump has just canceled a trip that Secretary of State (and former CIA Director) Mike Pompeo was planning to make to North Korea this month. North Korean officials responded to the ...

Why Won’t Conservatives Pick a Peach?

The favorite slogan of conservatives has long been “free enterprise, private property, and limited government.” Another conservative favorite is the term “personal responsibility.” Since personal responsibility is so important to conservatives, one must ask: Why hasn’t even one conservative taken personal responsibility by traveling to the Midwest and helping farmers pick their crops, given that conservatives are responsible for the ...

Trump Is Right About “Flipping”

In the wake of the federal criminal conviction of former Trump official Paul Manafort and the guilty plea in federal court of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the mainstream press is singing the praises of special prosecutor (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller and the Justice Department. In the process, Trump’s critics are condemning his denunciation of “flipping,” the process ...

Anti-Conspiracy Theorists in the JFK Assassination

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Kennedy assassination has been “anti-conspiracy theorists,” especially within the mainstream press. People are so scared of being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” that they will do everything they can to avoid making a careful examination of the circumstantial evidence pointing toward a national-security regime-change operation in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Consider, for ...

Impeached for Sexual Affairs?

Trump critics and the U.S. mainstream press are exulting over former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s guilty plea to supposed violations of federal campaign contribution regulations. The critics and the press are saying, “We got him! We can now remove him from office, regardless of whether he won the election or not.” The supposed campaign finance violations that they are so ...

Advancing Liberty by Adhering to Principle

The following is a shortened, non-verbatim version of a talk I recently delivered to the Tidewater, Virginia, Libertarian Party: The great German thinker Johann Goethe lived during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Goethe stated: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Although those words were expressed back then, they perfectly capture the plight ...

The Security Clearance Racket

According to the Washington Post, almost 250 former members of the U.S. national-security establishment have come out on side of former CIA Director John Brennan in his war against President Trump. The issue? Brennan has severely criticized Trump for his desire to establish friendly relations with Russia. In response, Trump has cancelled Brennan’s “security clearance,” which has caused Brennan’s cohorts in ...

Why Do Some Libertarians Support Social Security? Part 2

After the publication of my article “Why Do Some Libertarians Support Social Security?” I received several emails from older libertarians criticizing me for calling for the immediate repeal of this socialist program. Their critiques can be summarized in the following three ways: “For the last several decades, I put into the system and, therefore, I have the right ...

Trump Should Take the Fifth

Obviously frustrated by President Trump’s refusal to comply with Special Counsel (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller’s conditions for an interrogation of Trump, Mueller is now threatening to subpoena Trump to testify before a federal grand jury. A subpoena is a formal judicial order requiring a person to appear before the grand jury, without his lawyer present, to answer ...
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