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Honesty About Socialism

Conservatives and some liberals/progressives indignantly exclaim: “I am a capitalist, not a socialist … except for my support of: Social Security; Medicare; Medicaid; Public (i.e., government) schooling; The Federal Reserve; Immigration controls; The national income tax; The military-industrial complex; The welfare state; Foreign aid; Farm subsidies; The government-managed economy; The Postal Service; Amtrak; Public works; The Interstate Highway System; ...

The Immorality and Destructiveness of Wealth Equalization

One of the hallmarks of the leftist/progressive/liberal/socialist philosophy is wealth redistribution through the force of government. Leftists/progressives/liberals/socialists lament the enormous disparities of wealth and income that exist in American society. They believe, therefore, that a legitimate function of government is to take money from the rich and either keep it for governmental expenditures or give it to the poor ...

The Banality of Evil in Immigration Prosecutions

While President Donald “America First” Trump and his merry band of foreign interventionists try to convince people how concerned they are with the plight of Venezuelans, four American women, Natalie Hoffman, Oona Holcomb, Madeline Huse and Zaachila Orozco-McCormick, might have doubts about this new-found Republican/conservative love for the poor, needy, and disadvantaged. That’s because the Trump administration has just ...