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It’s War on Price-Gougers Season

If it’s hurricane time, it’s also time for the war on price gougers. Hurricane Harvey is certainly no exception. When a Best Buy in Houston began selling 24-packs of Dasani water for $42.96 and 12-packs of Smartwater for $29.98, the masses went ballistic, as did Texas officials. According to Grit Post, Houstonian John McGovern, who provided Grid Post with ...

Only One Way to End Drug-War Violence

Two police officers in Kissimmee, Florida, were recently shot and killed while investigating illegal drug activity in a dangerous part of town. According to the New York Times, government officials praised the officers for their service and asked Floridians to pray for other law-enforcement personnel. President Trump weighed in with a tweet in which he offered his thoughts ...

The Illegality of Trump’s Afghanistan War

When President Trump attributed his flip-flop on Afghanistan to his team of military generals , who informed him that a withdrawal from America’s 16-year war would leave a “haven” for terrorists, I couldn’t help but think of former presidential candidate George Romney during the Vietnam War. After opposing the war, Romney traveled to Vietnam and returned with the same ...

Unlike Trump, JFK Didn’t Bend the Knee

NOTE: I’ll be speaking at the Ron Paul Institute’s Peace and Prosperity 2017 Conference. Saturday, September 9, from 9:30 am to 3:00 p.m., Washington Dulles Airport Marriott. Last year’s conference was a sell-out and this year’s conference promises to be even better. Only $75. I hope you’ll join us for a timely and very important conference. Register here. Like ...

Four More Years of Bush-Obama

NOTE: I'll be speaking at the Ron Paul Institute's Peace and Prosperity 2017 Conference. Saturday, September 9, from 9:30 am to 3:00 p.m., Washington Dulles Airport Marriott. Last year's conference was a sell-out and this year's conference promises to be even better. Only $75. I hope you'll join us for a timely and very important conference. Register here. Mark my ...

More Foreign-Policy Blowback in Spain

Last week, 13 more people died in Spain as a consequence of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and Afghanistan. No, not by guns or suicide bombs, which is often the case in “blowback,” but instead murder by vehicle. A van driven by a terrorist succeeded in killing 13 pedestrians and injuring about 100 others. Here is an excerpt ...

South Korea Should Give U.S. Troops the Boot, Part 2

Last April, I wrote an article entitled “South Korea Should Give U.S. Troops the Boot,” in which I argued that if the South Koreans were smart, they would order all U.S. troops out of their country immediately. For those who have not read that article, I would recommend doing so because the reasoning I set forth there are ...

Anti-Bigotry Hypocrisy

I’m a firm believer in the old adage “Actions speak louder than words.” By that measure, many of those anti-bigotry protesters and mainstream pundits who are expressing outrage about recent events in Charlottesville are guilty of rank hypocrisy. Imagine a big protest in 1859 in Charlottesville in which people are carrying signs saying, “Peace and love” and “Racism is bad” ...

Charlottesville and America’s Death Machine

Amidst all the furor over President Trump’s suggestion that “both sides” are to blame in the recent violence in Charlottesville, I wish to weigh in on what I hold is a major contributing factor to the Charlottesville mayhem, including the killing of 32-year-old Heather Heyer: the U.S. government’s death machine, which has been killing millions of people in foreign ...

Immigration Controls Violate the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle

Whenever you find a libertarian defending immigration controls, you will see one distinguishing characteristic of his defense: the absence of any discussion about immigration enforcement measures. There is a simple reason for that. Immigration enforcement measures entail the initiation of force against others and, therefore, violate the fundamental principle of libertarianism, commonly known as the non-aggression principle. Since libertarians ...

Korea and Venezuela: Flip Sides of the Same Coin

By suggesting that he might order a U.S. regime-change invasion of Venezuela, President Trump has inadvertently shown why North Korea has been desperately trying to develop nuclear weapons — to serve as a deterrent or defense against one of the U.S. national-security state storied regime-change operations. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Venezuela and, for that matter, ...

Bring the Troops Home from Korea

There is one good solution to the Korean crisis, one that the mainstream press commentators simply will not confront. It’s not a solution that is likely to be adopted, especially by a blustery and bellicose president and a national-security establishment that has a Cold War anti-communist mindset. Nonetheless, it bears pointing out. What is the solution to the Korean crisis: ...
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