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They Made Us Reds to Fight the Reds

At the end of World War II, U.S. officials told the American people that despite the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, America could not rest. That was because, they said, the United States now faced a new official enemy, one, they said, was arguably a bigger threat to Americans than Nazi Germany was. That new official enemy was the ...

The Bizarre Mindset of Gun-Controllers

Just consider the latest shooting episode in Alexandria, Virginia. An angry and disgruntled leftist, James Hodgkinson, takes a handgun and an assault rifle to an Alexandria ball park and starts shooting a group of Republicans who are practicing for a baseball game. Hodgkinson begins shooting at them. The group is not able to fire back because none of them ...

Killing Muslims Will Land You in Jail

Ever since the “war on terrorism” morphed into the “war on Islam” or “the war on Muslims” or “the war on radical Muslims,” I have warned people who subscribe to this notion: Do not go out and start killing Muslims in this so-called war because U.S. authorities at the state level will charge you with murder. Unfortunately, there have been ...

Thank You for Your Killing

One of the most interesting bromides to enter the American political lexicon after the 9/11 attacks has been the line that Americans have been taught to say to American soldiers: “Thank you for your service.” Yet, hardly anyone ever makes a critical examination of what exactly the “service” for which they are expressing gratitude actually consists. It’s just automatically assumed ...

Violence Abroad Leads to Violence at Home

The mainstream media is publishing the standard, predictable explanations for the latest shooting rampage, this one against Republicans playing baseball in a park in Alexandria, Virginia. The two most popular are the right of people to own guns and political rage. As with every other act of random killings here in the United States, the media misses the big one: ...

Tyranny Over There But Not Over Here

One of the fascinating aspects of tyranny is that people can recognize it when it happens in other countries but are blind about it when it happens at home. The American people, especially the U.S. mainstream press, are a perfect demonstration of this phenomenon. Consider the following article from last Sunday’s New York Times: “Dilemma for Uber and Rival: ...

Will They Succeed in Removing Trump from Office?

If the Pentagon and the CIA stepped in, removed Trump from office, took control, and promised a new election within a reasonable period of time, my hunch is that there would be a lot of established types, especially within the mainstream press, who would be ecstatic. They would lament that a coup had become necessary but they would justify ...

Assassination Is Murder, Even When the CIA Does It

An article in last Friday’s New York Times provides a perfect demonstration of what the conversion of the federal government to a national-security state has done to the mindsets of many Americans, especially with respect to assassination. The article, entitled “Masquerading as Reporter, Assassin Hunted Putin Foes in Ukraine,” details an assassination attempt by a man posing as a ...

Why Should CIA Murderers Be Protected by Secrecy?

Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen is upset with the New York Times for disclosing the identity of a CIA agent, Michael D’Andrea, who is a “covert operative running the CIA’s Iran operations.” In an article in the Post, he says that the information put D’Andrea’s life at risk. Of course, we’ve all grown up under the notion that it vital ...

Punishing People for Helping Dying Children Is Evil Too

In my article “The Evil of Killing Children,” I pointed out how the U.S. government, in an attempt to achieve regime change in Iraq, knowingly and intentionally killed hundreds of thousands of innocent children in Iraq. Unfortunately, killing those innocent Iraqi children was not the only evil action taken by U.S. officials regarding the Iraq sanctions. They also went ...

The Evil of Killing Children

Ever since the U.S. government was converted to a national-security state after World War II, sanctions and embargoes have been one of the principal means by which the U.S. government tries to achieve regime change in foreign countries. (Other means include assassination, coups, and invasions.) Sanctions and embargoes target the citizenry of a nation whose ruler the U.S. government is ...

Bring the Troops Home, Mr. President

NOTE: We held our “National Security State and JFK” conference last Saturday and it turned out to be absolutely fantastic. All 11 presentations were profound, interesting, and captivating. We videotaped the entire conference, and all the videos will be posted as soon as possible on FFF’s website. You will also be able to watch them on television because ...
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