The Case for Open Immigration

Immigration controls are nothing but a system of socialist central planning. No wonder we have had a decades-long immigration crisis. The libertarian concept of open immigration encompasses such basic tenets of libertarianism as liberty of contract and freedom of association. The Future of Freedom Foundation presents the panel "The Case for Open Immigration" with Jacob ... [click for more]

Immigration Controls Are Socialist

In the classical-liberal age of 19th-century Europe, there were no immigration controls. Here is how Gustav Stolper — a German economist, classical liberal, and an immigrant — described the world he had known: This economic and social system of Europe was predicated on a few axiomatic principles. These principles were considered safe and unshakable…. They were freedom of ... [click for more]

Bionic Mosquito’s Bite Misses the Mark

In my article “Bionic Mosquito Has It Wrong on Immigration,” I pointed out that when it comes to immigration enforcement measures that accompany immigration controls, Bionic Mosquito (i.e., Jonathan Goodwin) was steadfastly ensconced in the land of silence. Like many proponents of immigration controls, he simply chose not to discuss them. Bionic has ... [click for more]

Bionic Mosquito Has It Wrong on Immigration

Jonathan Goodwin, who writes under the pseudonym Bionic Mosquito, has an article at entitled “Open Borders and the Real World,” which is critical of the article I posted on FFF’s website last week entitled “Open Borders Is the Only Libertarian Position.” In my article, I threw down the gauntlet to libertarians who advocate government-controlled borders and who ... [click for more]

Closed-Border Libertarians: It’s Time to End the War on Immigration

Warrantless searches and seizures on a massive scale, bureaucratic logjams, arbitrary edicts that squelch freedom of association, unchecked waste and corruption — it is difficult to reconcile any of these symptoms of big government with liberty. And yet, many who strongly value freedom still support all of them in the name of border control. For these “closed-border libertarians”, the argument ... [click for more]

Conservatives Deceived Me on Immigration

I grew up in the conservative movement at the end of the Cold War, but eventually realized I had been misled on the issue of immigration. When I finally took the trouble to research the issue after receiving a private offer to write a series of anti-immigration tracts (a contract from which I declined), I found that most ... [click for more]
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