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Closed-Border Libertarians: It’s Time to End the War on Immigration

Warrantless searches and seizures on a massive scale, bureaucratic logjams, arbitrary edicts that squelch freedom of association, unchecked waste and corruption — it is difficult to reconcile any of these symptoms of big government with liberty. And yet, many who strongly value freedom still support all of them in the name of border control. For these “closed-border libertarians”, the argument ...

Freedom to Move: Personal Freedom or Government Control, Part II

There are many economic fallacies that surround the issue of freer or open immigration into the United States, and few of them can stand up to serious critical examination. The Fallacy that Immigrants “Steal” Jobs from Americans. Opponents of more open immigration sometimes argue that the arrival of more immigrants means the threatened loss of jobs for those already living in ...

Freedom To Move: Personal Liberty or Government Control, Part I

The immigration issue has once more bubbled to the surface in America because of the provocative statements and assertions by one of the Republication contenders for their party’s presidential nomination. Immigrants – especially illegal immigrants – are accused of stealing the jobs of “real” Americans, of mooching off the welfare state at the expense of taxpaying U.S. citizens and legal ...