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No One Should Be Forced to Act against His Conscience

A question arises from the recent controversy between President Obama and the Catholic Church that aches for an answer: If Catholic institutions have a right to abstain from paying for what morally offends them, why don’t the rest of us? The initial Obamacare rule held that all employers, in fulfilling their new legal requirement to provide health insurance to their ... [click for more]

A Moral Distinction

A new acquaintance recently asked whether she and I could get along, considering that she’s a liberal while I’m libertarian. Her second question focused on Ron Paul, likely the only person she ever heard of associated with libertarian philosophy: “Are all libertarians as conservative as Ron Paul on topics like abortion and gays?” This is where things can get complicated ... [click for more]

Why Double Jeopardy May Not Protect You

The legal doctrine of double jeopardy may be in flux (again), this time in a murder case being reviewed by the United States Supreme Court. An October 11 CNN report opens, “The justices on Tuesday accepted the appeal of Alex Blueford, accused of killing his girlfriend's infant son. At issue is whether a criminal defendant can be retried on ... [click for more]

A Libertarian Who Stood on Principle When It Mattered

A common accusation hurled at libertarians is that they do not champion or, indeed, care about the rights and status of minorities. A common misconception is that the Left has historically been the defender of the oppressed. Those who wish a more accurate view should heed the tale of the Masuda family. On May 26, 2002, the Orange County Register (California) carried ... [click for more]
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