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Letter to the Editor of WorldNetDaily


This letter to the editor was originally published on WorldNetDaily.com August 25, 2003.

To the editor:

Ilana Mercers recent column, in which she maliciously persists in trying to link me with the Institute for Historical Review, states, I am presuming that his own publication in the Journal of Historical Review, Volume 18, No. 1 (January-February, 1999), p. 36. is in all likelihood an unauthorized reprint. Her presumption, in this case, is correct. I was never asked for permission to reprint my article (which had nothing to do with Israel), and I would not have granted it had I been asked. Since Ms. Mercer has been in touch with a top person at the IHR, she might have found this out for herself. Apparently, there are limits to her intellectual curiosity. The IHR link she provides displays titles of articles by other unlikely authors: Yehuda Bauer (noted Holocaust historian and author of The Impact of the Holocaust), Seymour Martin Lipset (former chairman of the National B’nai B’rith Hillel Commission), Allan Brownfeld (of the American Council for Judaism), and Doug Bandow (Cato Institute). I doubt they authorized use of their articles.

If the gulf between me and the IHR is not yet clear enough, I quote from a paper I wrote on the history of U.S. intervention in the Middle East for the Cato Institute in 1991: The murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis and the deplorable state of the Holocaust survivors had stimulated the international effort to establish a sovereign Jewish state in Palestine….

As to Ms. Mercers other groundless charge, that I believe that all the land of Israel belongs to Arabs, I quote again from my paper: Jewish land purchases accounted for only 10 percent of the proposed Jewish state….

Of course, Ms. Mercer could have found this material herself had she done a little Internet research. I reproduce it here for the fair-minded among WorldNetDaily readers.

Sheldon Richman
Conway, Arkansas

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    Sheldon Richman is former vice president and editor at The Future of Freedom Foundation and editor of FFF's monthly journal, Future of Freedom. For 15 years he was editor of The Freeman, published by the Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington, New York. He is the author of FFF's award-winning book Separating School & State: How to Liberate America's Families; Your Money or Your Life: Why We Must Abolish the Income Tax; and Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare State. Calling for the abolition, not the reform, of public schooling. Separating School & State has become a landmark book in both libertarian and educational circles. In his column in the Financial Times, Michael Prowse wrote: "I recommend a subversive tract, Separating School & State by Sheldon Richman of the Cato Institute, a Washington think tank... . I also think that Mr. Richman is right to fear that state education undermines personal responsibility..." Sheldon's articles on economic policy, education, civil liberties, American history, foreign policy, and the Middle East have appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, American Scholar, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Washington Times, The American Conservative, Insight, Cato Policy Report, Journal of Economic Development, The Freeman, The World & I, Reason, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Middle East Policy, Liberty magazine, and other publications. He is a contributor to the The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. A former newspaper reporter and senior editor at the Cato Institute and the Institute for Humane Studies, Sheldon is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia. He blogs at Free Association. Send him e-mail.