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The Idea of Open Borders Goes Mainstream

Newsweek is about as mainstream as one can get, right? Now, consider the fact that yesterday Newsweek published an article by libertarian Jeff Tucker entitled β€œTo Become Even More Prosperous We Should Open Our Borders,” which is a full-throated call for open immigration and free trade. The article was originally published on the website of The Foundation for Economic Education, ... [click for more]

A Bit of Hilarity in the Immigration Crisis

Yesterday, I experienced a bit of hilarity in the decades-long, ongoing U.S. immigration crisis. A FFF reader sent me a video by a woman named Ann Corcoran, who heads up an organization named Refugee Resettlement Watch. As I watched the four-minute video, which contained dire warnings about a refugee invasion of America, I could not stop laughing. My ... [click for more]