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Freedom Frauds: Hard Lessons in American Liberty [ebook]

Freedom Frauds: Hard Lessons in American Liberty
by James Bovard

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Freedom Frauds is an array of stories from the past decade that might be good for laughing or cussing.

The first section of this book deals with James Bovard’s own run-ins with police, harebrained environmental inspectors, a down-and-out Vietnam War vet, Supreme Court petty protocol, and Boy Scout neckerchief regimens. The rest deals with policy perfidy.

Politicians have been conspiring against Americans’ rights and liberties practically since the birth of the republic. The names and parties of the malefactors change, but many of the anti-freedom scams are the same. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has far more in common with former Attorney General John Ashcroft than either had with James Madison. President Obama had more in common with President Franklin Roosevelt — such as perennial demagoguery to justify expanding handouts — than with President Thomas Jefferson. And it remains to be seen which former president bears the strongest resemblance to Donald Trump, though it is unlikely that George Washington will be the first name that comes to mind.

Both political parties have colluded to cover up government abuses, and there is no reason to expect a sea change on that score any time soon. Both Republicans and Democrats have provided great motivation for Americans to remain wary and to zealously guard their rights.

Kindle — order ebook from Amazon

Product Details

  • Author: James Bovard
  • Publisher: The Future of Freedom Foundation
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Page Count: 184 pages