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The intellectual heritage of classical liberalism and freedom is rich with brilliant authors, artists, economists, philosophers and thinkers. Freedom Fighters is a collection of some of the best and brightest contributors to our understanding of liberty.

Freedom Fighters

V. Orval Watts

Without other human beings, we cannot be born, cannot be reared, cannot prosper; and to have the cooperation of other humans - to avoid the conflicts which would be suicidal for humans - we must follow the "Golden Rule." When we apply it in practice, we find it is the unifying principle of those commandments that refer to the ... [click for more]

Max Weber

It is horrible to think that the world could one day be filled with nothing but those little cogs, little men clinging to little jobs and striving toward bigger ones--a state of affairs which is to be seen once more, as in the Egyptian records, playing an ever increasing part in the spirit of our present administrative systems, and ... [click for more]

E.G. West

The evidence shows ... that the majority of people in the first half of the nineteenth century did become literate (in the technical sense) largely by their own efforts. Moreover, if the government played any role at all in this sphere it was one of saboteur! As long as the first few years of the nineteenth century it was a ... [click for more]