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Regulation Policy & Welfare

How Long Should the Workweek Be?

Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist, former Democratic presidential candidate, and current independent senator from Vermont, is at it again. For years, he has supported the worst health care, education, and tax policies imaginable. Sanders supports a single-payer, national health insurance program, free at the point of service, with no networks, premiums, deductibles, or copays. He supports free college tuition, canceling all ...

We Don’t Need No Regulation (or Statist Education)

Like the long line of school children who mindlessly marched into Pink Floyd’s meat grinder in The Wall, an estimated one million investors recently fell victim to Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto grinder. The fiasco’s silver lining is that it proves that Americans need neither statist schooling nor government regulation, two insidiously intertwined institutions. Soon after cryptocurrency exchange FTX failed about a ...

Republicans Fail to See the Real Issue with Head Start

President Biden’s “Path out of the Pandemic” mandated that four groups of people be vaccinated against COVID-19: all federal executive branch workers, contractors that do business with the federal government, health care workers at Medicaid- and Medicare-participating hospitals, and employees of private-sector businesses with 100 or more employees. Federal courts have struck down three of these mandates. ...