Mencken’s Plan, Read’s Rule

H.L. Mencken and Leonard Read couldn’t have been more different, but each of them said some important things about life in a free society. Henry Louis Mencken (1880–1956) was born in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, lived nearly all of his life in the house he grew up in, and died in his bed. He was a third-generation Baltimorean. Although ... [click for more]

Ralph Raico: Master Historian

The death of historian Ralph Raico on December 13, 2016, robbed us of an erudite and insightful scholar whose long life made him witness to (and analyst of) massive changes in American society involving state building, imperialist wars, and loss of effective freedom. Born in 1936, Raico attended Ludwig von Mises’s famous New York seminar and translated Mises’s Liberalism ... [click for more]