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Health Care

Will Supreme Court’s Ignorance Torpedo Americans’ Freedom?

Americans have never had reliable protection against the ignorance of the Supreme Court. During the past 80 years, Supreme Court justices have routinely rubber-stamped government policies that they grossly failed to understand. Black-robed economic illiteracy is perhaps the Obama administration’s best hope in the Court’s pending decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare. At the oral arguments in late March, neither ...

Britain’s “Fat and Fags” Health Policy

A terrible term has entered the healthcare debate now raging in Britain: “lifestyle rationing.” Given the predictability with which social trends cross the Atlantic, and given a looming Obamacare, Americans would be wise to eavesdrop closely on this conversation. “Lifestyle rationing” refers to denying medical care to those who make unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking and becoming obese. At ...

Sexually Biased Insurance Mandates: Concealed Taxes Set to Backfire

Proponents of the latest federal mandates on medical insurance, targeted solely at women, defend them with claims that they will save money, improve health, and reduce unwanted pregnancies. Such confidence in this lopsided government coercion is either naive or disingenuous. A shift toward “preventive care” and fewer subsequent treatments is the supposed mechanism for cost savings. But that ...