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Foreign Policy & War

Players and Pawns: The Persian Gulf War

For the greater part of this century, the United States government has plundered, looted, and terrorized the American people through the Internal Revenue Service. It has surreptitiously stolen people's income and savings through the Federal Reserve System. It has brutally enforced — through fines and imprisonment — rules and regulations governing people's peaceful economic activities. In a very real ...

Panama and the Canal: Children of American Imperialism and Socialism

In December and January, the television screens across America flickered with pictures of United States' soldiers patrolling the streets of Panama City. Throngs of cheering Panamanians were shown waving the Stars and Stripes and singing the "Star-Spangled Banner." The "Maximum Leader," Manuel Noriega, appeared on the cover of Newsweek holding his prisoner mug-shot number. At the White ...