Treating Us Like Children

It's getting harder and harder to imagine a Republican keeping a straight face while proclaiming the GOP to be the party of limited government and personal liberty. The latest reason? The Republican-controlled Senate recently voted 90-10 to outlaw gambling over the Internet. The prohibition, tagged onto an appropriations bill, would impose a penalty of three ... [click for more]

Some Republican Revolution

With revolutionaries like these, who needs counter-revolutionaries? Now that President Clinton has signed all the 1998 spending bills, we have a clear picture just how vigilant the Republican Party, which controls the U.S. Congress, is about cutting back on the scope and power of government. It is not a ... [click for more]

The Republican Tax Fraud

The Republican Party holds itself out as the anti-tax party. If nothing else, the GOP believes that calling for tax cuts is the sure path to electoral success. But as W. S. Gilbert wrote, things are seldom what they seem. The Republican record on taxes is nothing to ... [click for more]

Four Cheers for Capitalism

Is capitalism morally wanting? A lot of people think so--and not just the Clintons. Conservatives, of both the neo and paleo variety, seem uncomfortable with what they call "unbridled" capitalism. Recently William Bennett, the former drug and education czar, launched an attack on it in announcing a new project. ... [click for more]
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