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How to Shrink the Government’s Carbon Footprint

Barack Obama wants to shrink the federal government’s “carbon footprint.” This is a wonderful idea that all limited government conservatives, constitutionalists, and above all, libertarians, should wholeheartedly support. Too bad Obama’s plan will hardly make a dent in the volume or the severity of the federal government’s noxious emissions. The federal government is the nation’s largest consumer of energy. It ...

Environmentalist Nonsense

The environmentalist movement has gone into overdrive over the newest trend in Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). The Hummer, from General Motors, Ford’s Excursion, and now the Unimog from DaimlerChrysler are all driving our Green friends to distraction distraction because they have attained a new low in “excessive” gas consumption. Labeled “gas-guzzlers” and scathingly dishonored with the “Exxon Valdez Award for ...