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Book Reviews

Book Review: Critique of Interventionism

Critique of Interventionism by Ludwig von Mises, revised edition (Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y.: The Foundation for Economic Education, 1996) 122 pages; $12.95. In the first decade of the 1800s, the French classical-liberal economist Jean-Baptiste Say summarized in his book Treatise on Political Economy what became the general view of the majority of political economists throughout the early and middle decades of the ...

Book Review: The Corrosion of Charity

The Corrosion of Charity by Robert Whelan (London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1996); 116 pages; £7.00. When the first suggestions were made for "downsizing" federal welfare spending after the 1994 Congressional elections, it was not surprising that various special-interest groups that either receive welfare payments in one form or another or that serve as the administrative or bureaucratic conduits for dispersing ...