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U.S. Torture and Mistreatment of POWs and Criminal Suspects


Iraqi POW Death Under ScrutinyCBS News.

Rules of War Apply to Us Too, by Robyn E. Blumner St. Petersburg Times.

Guantanamo example may hurt POWs, by Ivan Roman Orlando Sentinel.

Hypocrisy In U.S. Demands That Call For Respect Of Geneva Conventions Dar Al-Hayat.

U.S., Too, May be Guilty of War Crimes, by Marie Cocco Washington Post.

Afghan Prisoners Beaten to Death at US Military Interrogation Base, by Duncan Campbell London Guardian.

In Torture We Trust?, by Eyal Press The Nation.

U.S. Sends Suspects to Face Torture, by Duncan Campbell London Guardian.

One Rule for Them, by George Monbiot London Guardian.

Double Standards, by Jamie Fellner Human Rights Watch.

Using Torture to Fight Torture, by Richard Cohen Washington Post.

The American Way of Torture, by Nat Hentoff Village Voice.

Terror and Torture, by Hendrik Hertzberg The New Yorker.

Questioning Terror Suspects in a Dark and Surreal World, by Don Van Natta Jr. New York Times.

Preaching, Not Practice on POWs, by Dan Moffett Palm Beach Post.

Going It Alone for Convenience, Not Conviction, by Jonathan Freedland Sydney Morning Herald.

No Double Standard for POWs Amnesty International.

U.S. Accused of Hypocrisy on Human Rights by Andrew Gumbel London Independent.

Handling of Terror Suspects Undermines U.S. on Rights of POWs, by Frank Davies Knight Ridder.

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