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The Oklahoma City Bombing


The Oklahoma City Bombing With the upcoming execution of convicted mass murderer Timothy McVeigh, much has been made of McVeigh’s indifference to the fact that included among the 168 deaths in the Oklahoma City bombing were 19 children. McVeigh has referred to the children’s deaths as “collateral damage.” But it’s important that we not forget that McVeigh is not the only American who has no concern for the innocent children he kills. How much did U.S. government officials care when they killed Randy Weaver’s children at Ruby Ridge? How much did they care when they attacked the Waco compound with tanks and flammable gas knowing that their actions were risking the lives of innocent children inside the compound? Even today, the level of remorse that U.S. government officials have for the deaths of the children at Ruby Ridge and Waco are no different than the level of remorse that McVeigh has for the deaths of the Oklahoma City children. Throughout history, there have been people with no consciences, both inside and outside government. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City are just the most recent examples.

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