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Were the Feds Capable of Killing JFK?


Forty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the debate over whether there was a conspiracy to kill him rages on, and the History Channels series suggesting that U.S. officials were involved in such a conspiracy certainly raises disturbing questions regarding the issue. What seems somewhat amusing, however, is the long-held position of the mainstream media that it is patently ludicrous even to suggest the possibility of such a conspiracy and thus the possibility should never be investigated.

U.S. government officials would never conspire to break the law or to commit serious criminal offenses, the mainstream media cry whenever questions about the Kennedy assassination are raised. Oh? Excuse me, but wasnt it just a few years after the assassination, during the Nixon administration, that U.S. government officials conspired to break the law and conspired to cover it up, believing that theyd never get caught?

Yeah, but U.S. government officials would never conspire to assassinate or murder anyone! Oh? Excuse me, but didnt government agents in the Kennedy administration itself conspire with members of the Mafia, a murderous organization, to assassinate Cuban president Fidel Castro?

Well, okay, but Castro was a foreigner and U.S. government agents would never conspire to hurt Americans. Oh? Excuse me, but didnt U.S. government officials conspire to expose unsuspecting U.S. servicemen to radiation experiments and unsuspecting U.S. government agents to LSD experiments and unsuspecting African-American men to syphilis experiments?

But U.S. officials would never conspire to kill Americans. Oh? Excuse me, but didnt U.S. government officials conspire to kill Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge and David Koresh and the Branch Davidians at Waco? And didnt the Mafia, with whom U.S. government officials admittedly entered into a conspiracy to kill Castro, often kill Americans? In fact, wasnt one of the primary reasons that Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, were aggressively prosecuting Mafia officials was their murders of Americans?

But U.S. officials would never lie if they believed it would harm Americans. Oh? Excuse me, but wasnt it just a few months after the Kennedy assassination that U.S. officials, including even President Johnson and Pentagon officials, lied about the Gulf of Tonkin attack for reasons of national security, and knowing that the lie would ultimately involve the sacrifice of tens of thousands of American soldiers to protect America from a communist takeover?

But such a conspiracy could never be kept secret. Oh? Excuse me, but wasnt it just a few weeks ago that we learned about a successful conspiracy among Pentagon officials to keep Vietnam war crimes committed by a large number of U.S. troops secret from the American people for almost 30 years? Why wouldnt a pre-designed conspiracy consisting of pre-selected conspirators, including members of the Mafia, be even more successful in maintaining secrecy? After all, hasnt the 28-year Mafia conspiracy involving the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa proven to be rather successful?

Maybe so, but U.S. agents would never have conspired to kill President Kennedy. Perhaps not, but given the willingness of U.S. agents to enter into a partnership with the Mafia, their program to assassinate foreigners, their willingness to sacrifice U.S. troops, and their proclivity for lying all in the interest of national security, how can anyone honestly assert that their involvement in the assassination of a U.S. president in the interests of national security is beyond the realm of reasonable possibility?

After all, what would U.S. agents who had been charged with protecting national security and who had been taught and trained to assassinate foreign presidents who threatened U.S. national security do if they concluded that a U.S. president was a threat to national security as well? For example, what if they had decided that Kennedys softness on communism including his withdrawal of air support for the invasion of Cuba and the possibility that he would withdraw troops from Vietnam threatened a domino-falling communist takeover of America in the midst of the Cold War?

Would federal agents who were working within the darkest, most rotten bowels of the federal government with one of historys most murderous private organizations in a joint enterprise to murder foreigners who threatened U.S. national security simply ignore a grave internal threat to national security or would they instead turn their attention inward in order to protect our nation? Indeed, if they had turned their sights inward to save the nation from an internal threat, who can doubt that even today some people would condone their efforts to protect national security?

Unfortunately, we may never know all the answers to the Kennedy assassination because of two undeniable conspiracies entered into by U.S. officials immediately after it occurred: the conspiracy not to aggressively investigate whether there were other people who shot at President Kennedy and the conspiracy to keep the governments investigative files into the assassination secret from the American people until the year 2029, when missing and destroyed evidence would be nothing more than a historical curiosity. If those two conspiracies had never been entered into, the central questions of who killed Kennedy and who covered the murder up would probably have been settled long ago.

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