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FFF at FreedomFest

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Speaker: Jacob G. Hornberger, Richard M. Ebeling, and Jeffrey Tucker
Las Vegas, Nevada
Wed, Jul 13 at 7:00am — Sat, Jul 16 at 10:00pm

The Future of Freedom Foundation is pleased to be participating in FreedomFest 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please stop by our booth to say hello and visit!

In addition to our presence in the exhibitor’s hall, FFF will also be hosting two breakout sessions:

The Case for Open Immigration

One of the basic tenets of libertarianism is the freedom to associate with whomever one wishes. What right does the state have to prevent an American from inviting his Mexican friends over for a weekend visit? FFF president Jacob G. Hornberger, Richard M. Ebeling (BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel), and Jeffrey Tucker (founder of Liberty.me and Director of Digital Development for the Foundation for Economic Education) will discuss one of the more divisive subjects in the libertarian movement.

Separate Money and the State

Libertarians believe in free markets and the market for money is no exception. The government should not manufacture or regulate the use of money. A free market in money would not only be more efficient and produce a more prosperous society, but it would free the citizenry from the shackles of the fiat money system that the Federal Reserve foists upon them. Jacob G. Hornberger, Richard M. Ebeling, and Jeffrey Tucker join forces again to destroy the prevailing wisdom that only the state can provide a stable monetary regime.

For more information including registration, please visit FreedomFest.com. When registering, please use code FF16FFF to help support the Future of Freedom Foundation.