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Were Madison, Eisenhower, Truman, and King Right or Not?

What did James Madison, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, and Martin Luther King have in common? They all pointed out the dangers and adverse consequences of America’s national-security state governmental structure. Yet, oddly, the critiques and admonitions of all four of them have been disregarded by modern-day Americans. James Madison was the person who crafted the Constitution. He was ...

Why I’m Not a Libertarian Reformer

There have long been two camps in the libertarian movement: the reform camp and the liberty camp.  The libertarian reform camp aims at improving the welfare-warfare state system under which we live. Libertarian reform plans include such things as immigration reform, Social Security “privatization,” health-savings accounts, welfare reform, school vouchers, income-tax reform, legalization of only marijuana, reining ...

America’s Immigration Police State: Warrantless Trespasses, Searches, and Seizures

In yesterday’s blog post, I addressed one aspect of the immigration police state that is part of the enforcement of America’s socialist system of immigration controls — domestic highway checkpoints. I pointed out that such police-state checkpoints are a central feature of communist and totalitarian regimes. Another part of America’s immigration police state is warrantless trespasses ...

Who Would Ukraine Supporters Support if the U.S. Invaded Cuba?

American statists cannot understand why the Russian people continue to support their president Vladimir Putin and their government’s invasion of Ukraine. For American statists, the issue is very simple: Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia bad. Russians should oppose Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Russian regime. End of story. Fair enough. But let’s engage in a hypothetical. Let’s assume ...