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Dr. Armentano is professor of economics at the University of Hartford, the author of "Antitrust and Monopoly" (Holmes and Meier, 1990), and a former member of the board of trustees of The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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The Confusion over Rights

The fastest-growing federal programs are entitlements and transfer programs. These programs include Medicare, food stamps, housing assistance, and Social Security, among others. Transfer programs have risen from 15% of federal spending in 1953 to 20% ...


I have been teaching economics at the university level for twenty-five years. Easily the most often-asked questions relate to monopolies. The questions are often put in the following form: "In an economy ...

The Farm Program Fiasco

All government programs are sacred cows. Once taxpayers fund anything, a vocal constituency develops to assert that the nation could not survive another day without the program. This is one reason why the 1990 deficit-reduction ...