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Libertarian Angle on the Road


Today is the first leg of our five-city Southeast college tour, featuring FFF’s vice-president, Sheldon Richman, and me. The first stop is this evening — Monday, November 4 —at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Tomorrow will be Georgia Tech in Atlanta. The complete schedule is on FFF’s website: https://fff.org/events. The events are being coordinated with local chapters of the Young Americans for Liberty, who are organizing them on the various campuses.

The program will be different from the standard lecture format. Instead, Sheldon and I are taking our Libertarian Angle Internet show on the road. This means that the first 45 minutes of the program will be a spontaneous, extemporaneous discussion of libertarian principles and how they apply to the burning issues of the day. Topics that we hope to cover are the welfare-warfare state, NSA spying, drone assassinations, healthcare, taxation, monetary policy, gun control, education, the drug war, and anything else that comes up. Our discussion will then be followed by audience Q&A and discussion.

Our objective is to present a program that not only introduces new people to libertarianism but also presents an interesting program for those who are already libertarians. We aim to show why increasing numbers of people are finding libertarianism to be most exciting political and economic philosophy and the key to a free, prosperous, peaceful, and harmonious society.

If you’re in the area, we would love to have you join us.

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