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The Best Open-Immigration Lecture Ever


Last Monday, an audience of around 90, mostly students from George Mason University, was treated to the best lecture on open immigration I have ever seen. The talk was delivered by GMU economics professor Bryan Caplan as part of FFF’s Economic Liberty Lecture Series, which we hold in conjunction with the GMU Econ Society, a student group at GMU composed mostly of libertarians and people interested in Austrian economics.

In a lecture that combined analysis and humor, Caplan brilliantly made the case for open immigration. He carefully demolished the standard statist canards for immigration controls — e.g., immigrants take jobs away from Americans, they ruin our culture, they’re coming here to get on welfare, etc. and then, alternatively, offered less restrictive ways to deal with problems raised by those opposed to immigrants or open borders.

We’ve just posted the video of Bryan’s talk. Again, it is absolutely great! You’re in for a real treat.

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