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A Great Conference!


We had an absolutely great time at the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum this past weekend. Lots of great speakers, hundreds of attendees, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and perfect weather. Bart Frazier and Scott McPherson were manning the FFF exhibit booth and I gave the concluding talk of the conference. The conference organizers were video-taping the speeches and so I assume they’ll be putting them online in a few days. Also, we’ll be posting our own videotape of my talk on FFF’s website this week and link to it in FFF Email Update. A special thanks to the Free State Project’s inviting us to be part of a great conference.

The other big event that FSP sponsors is the Porcupine Festival (aka Porcfest), which I’ve heard is also a really fun time.

During the conference, I was interview on two great radio stations, which you might want to check out:



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