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Socialist Failure in Afghanistan, Iraq, and New London


Pity the socialists. Their grandiose federal plans to “rebuild” Iraq and Afghanistan have turned out to be fiascoes.

But heck, at least the socialists retained the hope of pointing to grandiose rebuilding programs at home to buttress their case for socialism, such as their urban-renewal project in New London, Connecticut, where the city took away people’s private homes in order to convert the land into a grandiose industrial park, which would supposedly generate higher tax revenues for the city.

City officials used their grand rebuilding plan in New London to lure Pfizer, the big corporate drug company, to move into the area. The hope was that Pfizer would attract a number of other businesses, which would convert the area from a residential neighborhood to an “urban village.” The plan was a variation of the Marxian redistribution principle in that it used government force to take from the poor and middle class to give benefits to the wealthy and powerful.

Among the people who had their homes involuntarily taken away for this grand socialist rebuilding project was Suzette Kelo, whose name is on the now-famous eminent domain case in which U.S. Supreme Court upheld this grand socialist scheme.

Well, pity the socialists once again. Not only have their rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq gone awry, the same thing has now happened with their grandiose, socialist urban-renewal project in New London, Connecticut.

Guess who recently announced that it’s vacating the New London “urban village.” You got it: Pfizer! The company has given notice to the city that it is vamoosing within a couple of years. According to the New York Times, “It would leave behind the city’s biggest office complex and an adjacent swath of barren land that was cleared of dozens of homes to make room for hotel, stores and condominiums that were never built.”

Did you catch that last part — the part about “never built”?

On hearing about Pfizer’s plan to vacate the area, Suzette Kelo stated: “I’m not surprised that they’re gone. They didn’t get what they wanted: their development, their big plan.”

Michael Cristofaro, whose parents also lost their home in the scheme, put it more succinctly: “Look what they did. They stole our home for economic development. It was all for Pfizer, and now they get up and walk away.”

When will modern-day Americans come to their senses? What will it take for them to finally give up on socialism, whether it involves nation-building, urban renewal, national health care, compulsory schooling, stimulus plans, corporate bailouts, Social Security, Medicare, the Federal Reserve, and all the rest of the socialist junk that pervades our nation? How much more socialist failure will it take to finally induce people to restore America’s heritage of economic liberty, free markets, private property, and limited constitutional government to our land?

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