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Republicans and CAFE Standards

The auto industry won’t be meeting the U.S. government’s 54.5-mile-per-gallon (mpg) fleet average fuel economy target in 2025. But neither will it have to. The ...

Conservatism and Libertarianism

When conservative politicians are trying to get the votes of libertarians and “libertarian-leaning” Republicans, they often tout the supposed affinity between conservatism and libertarianism. ...

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Liberal-Conservative Hypocrisy on Immigration

by There is no area that is more rife with hypocrisy among both liberals and conservatives than immigration. When it comes to immigration, it seems that liberals and conservatives are competing against other for title of “Most Hypocritical.” For months, liberals have been condemning Donald Trump for his plan to build a gigantic wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. They say it shows how cruel, heartless, and ...

Do You Want a Peaceful and Prosperous Society or Not?

by Every Sunday at my church, we are exhorted to pray, among other things, for peace in the world and for the men and women who serve our nation — i.e., the military and the CIA . Naturally, the priests who craft the prayer, along with most of the congregation, fail to see the irony of those two prayers. That is, they fail to see ...

America’s Communist Program

by Throughout the Cold War, the U.S. national-security state told the American people that it was necessary for America to go over to the dark side in order to combat the threat of communism and the Soviet Union. By that, they meant adopting policies and practices employed by the communists. It was a mindset akin to fighting fire with fire. That’s how America ended up with ...

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Claudia Williamson

The Trouble with Aid

Claudia R. Williamson is a post-doctoral fellow at the Development Research Institute of New York University. Her ...

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