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The Iron Jaws of the Police State

“Policing is broken... It has evolved as a paramilitary, bureaucratic, organizational arrangement that distances police officers from the communities they’ve been sworn to ...

Workplace Smoking

While making a brief trip recently to a place of business in a local outdoor mall in central Florida, I noticed that a new ...

Run for Your Life

We’ve reached the point where state actors can penetrate rectums and vaginas, where judges can order forced catheterizations, and where police and medical personnel ...

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CIA Director Pompeo Doesn’t Understand the First Amendment

by You would think that by the time a person becomes the Director of the CIA, he would have a correct understanding of the Constitution, which is the founding document of the federal government, which the CIA is part of. This should be especially true when the CIA Director is a former member of Congress, a graduate of West Point, and the holder of a ...

Control is the Purpose of the Dole System

by Let’s give Donald Trump some credit. With his termination of federal money to so-called sanctuary cities, which a federal judge just declared unconstitutional, at least Trump is showing us the real purpose of the dole society. No, it has nothing to do with loving the “poor, needy, and disadvantaged,” as both liberals and conservatives have maintained ever since the advent of the American welfare state ...

Venezuela’s Lessons for America

by The dire situation in Venezuela holds valuable lessons for the American people. The first lesson involves Venezuela’s economic system, which is based on socialism and interventionism. It has produced nothing but chaos, crisis, misery, conflict, discord, and poverty. That’s what socialism does. As an economic system, it is a total failure. Why is that a valuable lesson for Americans? Because the welfare state economic system that ...

South Korea Should Give U.S. Troops the Boot

by The best thing that South Koreans could ever do, both for themselves and for the American people, as well as the Japanese citizenry, is boot all U.S. troops out of their country. Isn’t the reason obvious? If President Trump, the Pentagon, and the CIA succeed in instigating a war with North Korea, guess who is going to pay the biggest price for such a war. No, not ...

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End the Drug War: Conference at FAMU

0:00 Introduction 1:36 Jacob G. Hornberger 9:30 Ken Williams 40:32 Kassandra Frederique 01:14:08 Laurence M. Vance 01:46:05 Q&A In conjunction with the ACLU ...

The Trouble with Aid

Claudia R. Williamson is a post-doctoral fellow at the Development Research Institute of New York University. Her ...

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