Robert Morris

I confess I never lost hopes of reconciliation untill I saw this Answer which in my opinion breaths nothing but Death & Destruction. Every body see it in the same light and it will bring us all to one way of thinking, so that you may soon expect to hear of New Governments in every Colony and in Conclusion a declaration of Independancy by Congress. I see this step is inevitable and you may depend it will soon take place. Great Britain may thank herself for this Event, for whatever might have been the original designs of some Men in promoting the present Contest I am sure that America in general never set out with any View or desire of establishing an Independant Empire. They have been drove into it step by step with a reluctance on their part that has been manifested in all their proceedings, & yet I dare say our Enemies will assert that it was planned from the first movements. The Dogs of Warr are now fairly let loose upon us. We are not dismayed but expect to give a good Account of the Numerous hosts of Foes that are coming to Slaughter us, especially your Hessians, Hanoverians, Waldeckers &c. Our Climates will most probably handle them pretty severely before they get seasoned and our Troops are pretty well prepared for their reception but the Fortune of Warr being ever uncertain God only knows what may be the Event.

— Robert Morris, Letter to Silas Deane [June 5, 1776]