New Deal

FDR: A Fitting Memorial?

With a new memorial about to be dedicated to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, perhaps no one wants to step back and take an objective look at the man. But when even President Clinton declares the era of big government over, maybe the time is right. All children hear the words "FDR ... [click for more]

The Religious Right

Sixty years ago, there occurred one of the most monumental revolutions in history. It was a revolution that shook the very foundations of American society. For 150 years, the American people subscribed to a fundamental moral principle with respect to the role of government in their lives: Government shall never be ... [click for more]

The People’s Pottage

In 1932 a bund of intellectual revolutionaries, hiding behind the conservative planks of the Democratic party, seized control of government. After that it was the voice of government saying to the people there had been too much freedom. That was their trouble. Freedom was for the strong. ... [click for more]

FDR and the End of Economic Liberty

The watershed years were 1932-1937 — the first two presidential terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This was the crucial period in American history — the period in which Americans abandoned the principles of economic liberty on which our nation was founded. For it was during this time that the welfare-state, ... [click for more]

From the New Mercantilism to Economic Fascism

February 1991 saw the release of the latest annual Economic Report of The President. Prepared by the President's Council of Economic Advisors, the report is meant to provide a detailed summary of where the American economy has been during the past twelve months and to offer various projections as to ... [click for more]
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