Political Fiction in an Age of Televised Lies

“We’ve got to face it. Politics have entered a new stage, the television stage. Instead of long-winded public debates, the people want capsule slogans—‘Time for a change’—‘The mess in Washington’—‘More bang for a buck’—punch lines and glamour.”— A Face in the Crowd (1957) Politics is entertainment. It is a heavily scripted, tightly choreographed, star-studded, ratings-driven, mass-marketed, costly exercise in ...

Government Interventionism Created Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

America and Europe, and, indeed, other parts of the world are going through major political, economic and cultural crises. In the U.S., some social critics consider the likely Democratic and Republican candidates for president to be among the most corrupt, power lusting and personally offensive that have ever run for that high office. In Europe, the Social Democratic and moderately ...