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Soldier of Empire


Soldier, soldier, how you soar
Aloft in that elevated status
Reserved to those who trade
In war and oppression.

Soldier, soldier, do not fear;
You’ll never hear an unkindness —
Insulated from the truth
Of murder and rapine.

Soldier, soldier, may you take
This blue-blood daughter’s hand?
Honored would her father be
To hear tales of empire.

Soldier, soldier, how is it that
Across the spectrum of politeness
We speak of hope and peace
And praise thuggery as patriotic?

Soldier, soldier, few dare rise
To call in question such extravagance
Spent to fend off that coming pall,
When conscience can no longer hide.

Soldier, soldier, stand so proud
Awaiting Caesar’s next command,
Nobly marching off once more —
To kill the dirty and wicked.

This article originally appeared in the May 2012 edition of Future of Freedom. Subscribe to the print or email version of The Future of Freedom Foundation’s monthly journal, Future of Freedom (previously called Freedom Daily).

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