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Slave to the Olympics


Getting up to answer the knock at your door, you open it to find a police officer standing stiffly, fidgeting with his nightstick. “Mr. Jones, I am here for the soccer field”, he says tersely.

“Soccer field?” you say. “I don’t get it.”

“Well, you see, the children around town need a place where they can get together and play soccer. So we’re going to build a brand new soccer field for them. I’m here for your mandatory contribution.”

“But I don’t even have kids!”

“I’m sorry to hear that sir,” the officer says in a disconcerted, annoyed voice. “But it is either the contribution or jail.”

Does this seem a likely scenario? Of course not—the policeman would be reprimanded faster than he could say “general welfare.” However, this is the type of thievery that occurs every time your employer cuts you a check but withholds part of your salary in order to send it to the federal government.

One of the latest examples of this type of theft is the Winter Olympics. The General Accounting Office has calculated that the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City are being subsidized by $342 million in federal tax dollars. In addition, $50 million will be allotted for additional security, bringing the total to $392 million.

Bottom line: If you fail or refuse to send your hard-earned money to the IRS because you don’t wish to fund sports activity in Salt Lake City, make no mistake about it: an IRS agent will seize your salary, bank account, and home to make sure you do—and he might not even knock on your door before bashing it down.

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