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Sanctions: The 12-Year War Against the Iraqi People


Iraq: Paying the Price, by John Pilger

Cool War, by Joy Gordon

Iraqs Children Suffer As War Looms, by Caroline Hawley

Albright’s Tiny Coffins, by Counterpunch.org

The Silent War, by Leah C. Wells

Iraqs Shortage of Medicine May Grow More Severe, by Peter Baker

Economic Sanctions against Iraq as a Tool of Foreign Policy, by Robert McGee

Life and Death in Iraq, by Larry Johnson

Iraq Revisted, by Larry Johnson

Iraqs Troubled Children of War, by Olivia Ward

Casualties of an Undeclared War, by Peter Baker

In Baghdad, Theres Little Romance in Music by Candlelight, by Neil MacFarquhar

Iraqis Suffering Can Be Made Worse, by Barbara Stocking

A Silver Bullets Toxic Legacy, by Scott Peterson

The Secret War on Iraq, by John Pilger

Run-Down Iraqi Hospitals Struggle to Treat Cancers Linked to Gulf War Bombing, by Elizabeth Neuffer

In Baghdad, Wars Shadow Never Far Off amid Everyday Life, by Charles J. Hanley

Stockpiling Popularity with Food, by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Morbidity and Mortality Among Iraqi Children from 1990 through 1998, by Richard Garfield

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq

Middle East UN Official Blasts Iraq Sanctions

Iraq Surveys Show “Humanitarian Emergency”

Iraq Deaths Double Under UN Sanctions–Von Sponeck

Iraqis Blame Sanctions for Child Deaths, by Jeremy Bowen

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