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Ron Paul to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at FFF Conference


The Future of Freedom Foundation is pleased to announce that Congressman Ron Paul, who has just been added to the roster of speakers at the Foundation’s upcoming June 6-8 conference “Restoring the Republic 2008: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties,” will be awarded The Future of Freedom Foundation’s first-ever “Lifetime Achievement Award for Advancing Liberty.” The award will be presented on Friday night (June 6) of the conference.

The title of Congressman Paul’s talk will be “A Foreign Policy of Freedom” and will be presented in conjunction with dinner talks by New York Times columnist Stephen Kinzer (author of All the Shah’s Men and Overthrow) and Boston University professor Andrew J. Bacevich (author of The New American Militarism and American Empire).

Jacob Hornberger, president of The Future of Freedom Foundation:

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are that Ron has agreed to speak at this year’s conference. At least year’s conference, he and Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano electrified the audience with their Sunday night talks. Since then, as everyone knows Ron has shaken the foundation of the political world with his race for the Republican presidential nomination. Given Ron’s lifetime of advancing the freedom philosophy, we are very pleased to present him with The Future of Freedom Foundation’s first-ever “Lifetime Achievement Award for Advancing Liberty. I hope everyone will join us for what will undoubtedly be an exciting evening and an exciting conference.”

Even though the race for the Republican presidential is over, Congressman Paul continues to be the focus of articles in the mainstream press:

Washington’s Good Doctor

“ Why Ron Paul
Scares the GOP

“ Time to Listen to Ron Paul?

Ron Paul’s Graphics Revolution

Congressman Paul joins one of most outstanding roster of speakers in the history of the libertarian movement on the two burning issues of our time — foreign policy and civil liberties. In addition to Paul, Kinzer, and Bacevich are Bruce Fein, Jonathan Turley, Glenn Greenwald, James Bovard, Sheldon Richman, Joseph Margulies, Joanne Mariner, Alexander Cockburn, Lew Rockwell, Justin Raimondo, Robert Higgs, David Henderson, Karen Kwiatkowski, Laurence Vance, Anthony Gregory, Bart Frazier, and Jacob Hornberger.

The conference will be held on June 6-8 (Friday morning through Sunday night) at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, Virginia. The conference price is $495, which includes all Hyatt Regency meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — during the 3 days of the conference plus admission to all 20 speeches.

To register for the conference, go to our conference website or call us at 703-934-6101. Remember to make your hotel reservations at the Hyatt Regency Reston after you register for the conference; be sure to mention the FFF conference to secure the special discounted rate of $150 per night.

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