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Restoring the Republic Is More Important than Ever


In 2007 and 2008 The Future of Freedom Foundation hosted two important conferences, “Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy & Civil Liberties.”

The final collection of 45 speeches — delivered by a unique combination libertarians, conservatives, and liberals — is possibly the greatest collection of talks giving the libertarian case on foreign policy and civil liberties ever delivered. Passion and eloquence, combined with a deep and abiding commitment to moving America in a better and freer direction, exude from every one of the speeches.

The speeches were delivered by such noteworthy people as Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, Bruce Fein, Stephen Kinzer, Andrew J. Bacevich, Daniel Ellsberg, Robert Scheer, Joanne Mariner, James Bovard, Lew Rockwell, Jonathan Turley, Robert Higgs, Karen Kwiatkowski, Sheldon Richman, Joseph Margulies, David R. Henderson, Justin Raimondo, Alexander Cockburn, Glenn Greenwald, Ralph Raico, Joseph R. Stromberg, Richard Ebeling, Ivan Eland, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Doug Bandow, Anthony Gregory, Laurence M. Vance, Jesselyn Radack, Bart Frazier, and Jacob Hornberger.

I am writing to ask you to help us undertake a promotional and advertising campaign designed to bring these speeches to the attention of as many people as possible, all across the political spectrum. Your tax-deductible donation to The Future of Freedom Foundation will help us to market and advertise the speeches in both print media and on the Internet, with the aim of reaching people all across the political spectrum.

Last year, FFF contributors helped us bring into existence our new Internet Classroom Website, which enables us to share the conference speeches’ with everyone in the world who has Internet access.

So far, the 2007 talks have received 86,859 viewings. C-SPAN’s coverage of three of the 2008 talks (Ron Paul, Stephen Kinzer, and Andrew Bacevich) resulted in the speeches’ being shown on C-SPAN 8 times and viewed on C-SPAN’s website 2,300 times. Links to the C-SPAN talks have been placed on numerous websites. An excerpt from Ron Paul’s talk that has been posted on YouTube has received 247,000 viewings (yes — almost a quarter million viewings!).

Despite these numbers, however, the fact is that most people are unaware of the existence of these speeches and our Internet Classroom Website. We want to change that with a major marketing and advertising campaign targeting libertarians, conservatives, and liberals. We need your financial help for this special project.

Ideas on liberty do matter — they cause people and nations to move in a more positive direction. We need to move our nation in a better, freer, more peaceful and prosperous direction — in the direction of the limited-government republic our nation was founded to be. Given the precarious times in which we are living, time is of the essence. We hope you’ll help us spread the word about these great speeches by sending a generous (tax-deductible) donation to FFF today.

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    Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, and received his B.A. in economics from Virginia Military Institute and his law degree from the University of Texas. He was a trial attorney for twelve years in Texas. He also was an adjunct professor at the University of Dallas, where he taught law and economics. In 1987, Mr. Hornberger left the practice of law to become director of programs at the Foundation for Economic Education. He has advanced freedom and free markets on talk-radio stations all across the country as well as on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and Greta van Susteren shows and he appeared as a regular commentator on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch. View these interviews at LewRockwell.com and from Full Context. Send him email.