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Emigration to Mexico


“We may have a big problem down in Mexico. A couple of days ago, the Washington Post reported that an increasing number of Americans are settling in Mexico–600,000 according to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. Why is this a problem? Well, consider these points: (1) The Americans are not assimilating among the Mexican people by spreading out across the country but instead sticking among themselves. In the small fishing village of Ajijic, for example, one of every three people in a population of 14,000 is an American. (2) Many of them are not learning Spanish, the language of the country in which they have chosen to live. For example, the Lake Chapala Society has 20,000 books … in English! (3) The Americans are corrupting Mexican culture with American traditions. For example, the Post writes, “Amused Mexican residents talk about how their American neighbors organize themselves for every possible activity, from gardening classes to Saturday morning walking clubs. The Americans shake their heads at Mexicans’ love of fireworks and at the irregularity of public services.” (4) Most of the Americans are retaining their U.S. citizenship, thereby retaining their loyalty to the United States. Something has got to be done–fast. After all, remember the Alamo?”

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