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Pop quiz! Two questions!

Exam Question No. 1: What two characteristics do the following things have in common?

Social Security
Drug War
War on Terrorism
War in Iraq
Budget Deficit
U.S. Dollar

Can’t figure out the answer? Here are some clues:

Social Security is nothing more than a bankrupt welfare program, one that is funded entirely by monies taken from young and middle-aged people.
Medicare is another welfare program whose spending is going through the roof and whose regulations have plunged the medical profession into depression, despondency, and dependency.
The Drug War is a decades-long program that has utterly failed to accomplish its supposed end and whose actual results have been overwhelmingly destructive.
Terrorism against the United States is rooted in a foreign policy that has killed and injured foreigners for decades and that supports brutal regimes that kill and injure their own people; it is also the excuse for abridging the liberties of the American people.
The war in Iraq has resulted in an estimated 100,000 innocent people killed along with more than 1,500 U.S. soldiers; the Iraqi people continue to suffer under a brutal military dictatorship that denies them fundamental rights, due process of law, and the rule of law.
Education, especially in the public-school sector, continues to cry out for “reform” despite ever-increasing tax monies thrown at the problem.
The budget deficit is soaring through the roof, with out-of-control spending threatening the well-being of the nation.
The U.S. dollar continues to plunge in international financial markets as a direct consequence of out-of-control spending.

Have you figured out the answer yet?

Okay, here is another clue: Washington, D.C.

Did you get it?

Answers to Exam Question 1: All those things have the following two characteristics in common: (1) All of them are an absolute mess — in crisis, if you will; and (2) They’re all run by the federal government.

Exam Question No. 2. So, what’s the solution to the woes facing our nation?

The answer isn’t hard. Just connect the dots.

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