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Clinton’s Health-Care Plan for You: Cradle-to-Grave Slavery, Part 2


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Under President Clinton’s health-care plan, every person in America will be registered by the federal government and issued a red, white and blue “Health Security Card.” This includes independent contractors, the self-employed, the homeless, and illegal immigrants who have regular jobs. Babies will be registered at birth.

As The Clinton Blueprint: The President’s Health Security Plan (Times Books, 1993) points out, once you are enrolled, you will be assigned a “unique individual identifier.” “The unique identifier may be the Social Security number or a newly created number assigned to the health care system.” All of your medical information will be collected and stored in a “unified health information system,” where it can be accessed via your health-security ID number. And “an electronic network of regional centers containing enrollment, financial, and utilization data is created. The network receives standardized enrollment, encounter, and related data from plans for aggregations in analysis and feedback to plans, alliances, states and the Federal Government.”

In other words, everyone in America will be assigned a national ID number, and your medical records will be stored in a government computer, where they can be seen by thousands of bureaucrats. This information could be used to deny you governmental loans or jobs. Or it could be used to force you to get mandatory treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. Or it could put you in a mental hospital or enable the state to take away your children.

What about the government using information from your medical files to prosecute you for crimes like drug use? Clinton’s plan says your medical records would not be merged with other government databases on you. But if your Social Security number is your “unique individual identifier,” all it will take is a few more keystrokes on the government’s computers to bring up your other records. And even if it doesn’t happen immediately, there is nothing to prevent a complete merger of files in the future.

And will you be forced to carry your Clinton national ID card with you at all times? There is an excellent chance that you will if not immediately, then in the near future. After all, if you are in a car accident and you don’t have your card, how can you be treated?

What happens if you don’t carry your card? In California, the state supreme court ruled that police can arrest you, search you and throw you in jail if you don’t have a state-issued ID card and you are cited even for such minor infractions as jaywalking, driving without a seat belt, or illegal skateboarding. Expect the same sort of laws for failing to carry your federal ID card.

Monitoring your movements

Your Clinton card could easily be used to monitor your movements. Every time you see a doctor, you will have to present your ID card, and that “encounter” gets entered into central governmental computers. So if you go on a trip and stop by a doctor’s office while out of town, the government will know where you have been and when.

Because all of us will be required to have a Clinton card, it will, in time, be used by everyone just like your Social Security number. Banks will demand it when you open an account or cash a check. Employers will use it to verify your identity. It might be used for voter registration, school admissions, and a thousand other uses. Every one of these encounters could be easily tracked by the state.

In time, your Clinton ID card could even be used as an internal passport: by altering data in your file, taking away your card, or cancelling it, the government could make it impossible for you to rent a car, check into a hotel room, or buy an airline ticket.

Even worse, because all health care is going to be monopolized by the state, your Clinton card will give the government life-and-death power over you. By suspending your card, you could find it impossible to get medication necessary for your health and life or to get an operation if you are injured or in an accident. And if you’re healthy and fit, the government could “accidentally” cancel the card of your spouse, parents or children.

Dictating your lifestyle

A major aim of Clinton’s health-care plan is to change the way you and your children live including what you eat, drink, and smoke, and your sexual behavior. As Clinton stated in his September 22, 1993, address to a joint session of Congress:

Responsibility [for solving the health-care problem] means changing some behaviors in this country that drives up our cost like crazy and without change in them we’ll never have the system we ought to have. Let me just mention a few and start with the most important. The outrageous cost of violence in this country. . . . We also have higher rates of AIDS, of smoking and excessive drinking, of teen pregnancies, of low-birth-weight babies. We have to change our ways.

The “change” Clinton is talking about is change dictated from Washington, D.C., backed up by the full investigatory resources and police powers of the state.

Clinton’s health-care plan includes dozens of new federal public-health initiatives, including “violence and injury control” a multifaceted set of interventions to cope with “alcohol abuse” and “tobacco prevention.” You will also be forced to take medical tests and get inoculations. Clinton’s plan calls for “the broadest possible immunization coverage against childhood vaccine-preventable infectious diseases, as well as influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis B, and tetanus among adults,” HIV and AIDS testing, and “tobacco prevention.”

Bills are now pending in Congress to make vaccinations for all children and adults mandatory no exceptions, not even for religious groups like the Amish and Quakers. If the medications you are forced to take make you sick, cripple or kill you, the government will be protected under sovereign immunity from any lawsuit for damage or criminal liability.

Enslavement from birth to death

Clinton’s health-care plan calls for a direct government takeover of one seventh of our economy . . . national ID cards . . . computer dossiers on every person in America . . . governmental power to track your every movement . . . registration of your children with the state from birth . . . placing all doctors, hospitals, medical schools and pharmaceutical manufacturers under state control . . . taxes, fines and forfeitures imposed by administrative decree . . . treatment for drug abuse and “mental problems” at the whim of bureaucrats . . . mandatory drugging of citizens from birth . . . and giving governmental bureaucrats the life-and-death power to decide what medicines and treatment you will be allowed to have.

This is not a plan for “reforming” health care or controlling costs. It’s a blueprint for tyranny. Past governmental intrusions were just the prelude. Clinton’s health-care plan for America is cradle-to-grave slavery for all of us.

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