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A Review of “The Libertarian Angle Live”


In November Sheldon and I did a one-week tour of college campuses in the Southeast, traveling by car from Florida to North Carolina visiting local chapters of the Young Americans for Liberty. The YAL chapters we visited organized and hosted the events so all Sheldon and I had to do is arrive and share ideas on liberty.

The audiences were composed of both students and non-students. Some of the students were well-versed in libertarian principles and Austrian economics while other students came to the events to see what libertarianism was all about.

Sheldon and I used the format that we employ in our Internet Show “The Libertarian Angle” rather than the standard lecture format. For 30 minutes, we engaged in extemporaneous conversation about fundamental libertarian principles and libertarian solutions to the major issues facing our country.

After our 30-minute conversation, we opened the discussion to the audience. At every campus, there were questions, comments, discussion, argumentation, and debate. In fact, after each program much of the audience stayed around to informally discuss ideas on liberty. It was awesome experience.

If you’d like to read about our experiences at each campus, here are the links to my blogs:

Next Up: A great program we are putting together for the 2014 International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C., on February 14-16.

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