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Ron Paul Institute: Peace and Prosperity 2017

Saturday, September 09, 2017
Speaker: Jacob G. Hornberger
Dulles, Virginia
9:30am — 3:00pm

FFF president Jacob G. Hornberger will be a speaker at The Ron Paul Institute’s “Peace and Prosperity 2017” conference.

The Ron Paul Institute and friends return to Washington, DC, as a follow-up to last year’s sold-out conference. Three-quarters of a year into the Trump Administration where is our Peace and Prosperity revolution headed?

One day we hear encouraging sounds from the Administration on foreign policy, the next we hear more threats. New US bases spring up in Iraq and Syria, thousands more US soldiers back to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. More to Syria. Will the US attack North Korea? Military spending skyrockets while the economy at home crumbles. “Russiagate” rages on, built on a pack of lies.

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